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The importance of relationship milestones and anniversary celebrations

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Here at the CoupleConnection we’ve recently been thinking about anniversaries and the importance of marking milestones.

Most couples remember the important moments in their relationship: the time they met, their wedding day, the births of their children. But not all remember to celebrate these special occasions, especially after several years together.

Research shows that marking important anniversaries can actually help strengthen relationships. If a couple is having problems, taking the time to celebrate together will spark memories of those happy times they shared in the early days.

Talking about ‘the good old days’ can help remind a couple why the fell in love in the first place, helping them focus on each other’s good qualities, rather than any negatives that might be affecting the relationship now. It can help them reframe the relationship and look at things more positively.

Celebrations are also important for creating new memories. Relationships are built on memories and without them couples can actually find they run out of things to talk about.

We usually remember significant events clearly; you can probably remember exactly where you were for the Royal Wedding in 2011. Perhaps you even recall the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. The chances are you’ll look back on both days with fond memories.

That’s because on special occasions like this people are generally more relaxed and open to fun. (It’s amazing what an extra Bank Holiday will do for the mood!) By celebrating them with your partner you create lasting memories together that will inevitably fuel some reminiscent conversations years down the line.

And there’s nothing like hearing your partner say, “Remember that time when…” to put at smile on your face and remind you of all the reasons you got together. So be sure to celebrate this Jubilee weekend, and all the other dates significant to you this year, and create the memories that will help see you and your partner on your way to your own Diamond anniversary.

The CoupleConnection’s top tip: Remember to document your celebrations with photographs. Looking back at a picture where you both look happy and in love can help you relive that warm, fuzzy feeling. All together now, “Cheeese!”


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