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An introduction to 'mixed' couples and their families

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One Plus One has been working with university-based researchers to develop resources for that raise awareness about the sorts of issues 'mixed' couples may face, and to provide relationship support where needed.

Relationships between people from different racial, ethnic or religious backgrounds may be called ‘mixed’ couple relationships.

The term ‘mixed’ is used here to cover a range of racial, ethnic and faith differences that may exist between couples. You may, or may not, choose to identify your own relationship as ‘mixed’, and we understand that there are a range of other terms which couples from different racial, ethnic or faith backgrounds may wish to use to refer to their relationship and family.

There has been a long history of ‘race’ and ethnic mixing in the UK and this is likely to increase as towns and cities become more multicultural. ‘Mixed’ couples and their families are part of a growing number of family types such as same sex couples, step-families and single parent households.

‘Mixed’ relationships are like any other relationships.

‘Mixed’ couples deal with the same responsibilities and issues as other couples, and they see their family lives as no different to others in many ways. Articles on are aimed at supporting all couples.  You may find these useful in helping you to ‘get on better with your partner’ or ‘find time for each other’. There is also information and support on a range of general issues such as ‘sex/intimacy & romance’, ‘becoming a parent’ and more.

Scroll down to watch some ‘mixed’ couples talk about ways in which they feel they are the same as other couples in the 'Being in a 'mixed' relationship' video.

Although many similar issues are faced by all couples, research suggests that those in ‘mixed’ couple relationships may also have their own distinctive experiences. Some issues that may be faced by ‘mixed’ couples and their families include:

  • Possible disapproval and rejection from others based on assumptions and limited knowledge about ‘mixed’ families.
  • Understanding and dealing with both cultural and individual differences within a couple relationship.
  • Developing an identity and sense of belonging for themselves and their children.

Here on you’ll find articles and video clips specifically to help couples who are in ‘mixed’ relationships, or for those who simply want to learn more about the issues these couples may face. Listed below are other articles in the ‘mixed’ families series:


Did you know this about ‘mixed’ families?

‘Mixed’ couples and their families

Creating identity and sense of belonging for ‘mixed’ couples and their children

Dealing with possible disapproval and rejection from others

Further support for ‘mixed’ couples and their families


Some of the above articles also have links to exercises and relationship insights which are useful for all couples, but are particularly helpful for those in ‘mixed’ relationships.

If you are interested in getting additional support, there are other organisations which focus on people in ‘mixed’ couple relationships and those from ‘mixed’ families (see a list here).   



Being in a ‘mixed’ couple

Identity and belonging

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