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Further Support for 'Mixed' Couples and their Families

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Categories: Mixed Families is aimed at supporting all couples. On this website we have included some articles and videos which raise awareness about the sorts of issues 'mixed' couples may face.

If you are interested in accessing additional support here is a list of organisations that focus specifically on people in ‘mixed’ couple relationships and those from ‘mixed’ families:

Intermix (, a non-profit organisation that offers information, support and the chance to build a community around and within the ‘mixed-race’ experience.  Intermix was established in 1999 with a grant from the Family Learning Millennium Awards  by Sharron Hall, who wanted to address the negative assumptions based around ‘mixed-race’ individuals and their families.  The site has a forum that offers peer-to-peer discussions with ‘mixed-race’ individuals, and published papers on ‘mixed-race’ experiences may also be found there.  All work done at Intermix is carried out by volunteers.

Mix Together ( a charity organisation that supports ‘mixed’ couples (mixed race/ religion/ caste) who face opposition from family or community to their relationship.  Mix Together was established in 2004, and the organization welcomes all age groups, from young people who are just dating to established families. The site has a forum that offers peer-to-peer support to individuals in ‘mixed’ relationships and some helpful information that they can read.  The work done at Mix Together is carried out by volunteers.

People in Harmony ( a 'mixed’ race charity that promotes the positive experience of interracial life in Britain today and provides advice, support and information for ‘mixed’ race families, couples and individuals.  People in Harmony was established in 1972 as an organisation where ‘mixed’ race people and ‘mixed’ couples can come together and talk with others who have an understanding and an awareness of ‘mixed’ race.  People in Harmony produces a wide range of educational resources around the issue of ‘mixed’ race, as well as organising regular conferences and workshops on this issue.  

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