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The Couple Connection has re-launched its popular relationship insights animations

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This month on we have re-launching our popular Relationship Insights.

These short animations are based on a wealth of research. Each one should help you get a better understanding of what might be going on in your relationship.

Only when you really understand patterns of behaviour and deeper issues can you start make changes to improve your relationship. All the Insights should help you to do the following:

The Helping process – this insight explains the five stages of exploring, understanding, making plans, making changes, reviewing – that help us to improve our relationship. Thecoupleconnection. net has been designed to take you through that process via the different sections and resources on the site

The Sliding scale of happiness – this insight explains how our feelings about our relationship affect how we behave toward each other, and describes the protective factors in relationships and how they make your relationship work.

Changes and stages in relationships – this insight explains how relationships change over time, the stages they go through and the challenges of each stage. It will help you spot the vulnerable times in your relationship.

Hidden issues – this insight explores how in relationships we often find ourselves arguing about one particular issue the most. But the key to making positive changes is to try and understand the underlying issues that are affecting those arguments and what’s really going on – the hidden issues!

Journey to shared goals- there is always a tension in relationships between wanting to be “me” and wanting to be part of a couple, “us”; the secret is finding the compromise that doesn’t feel like giving in but feels like you are getting somewhere! This insight helps you to work out how to find your happy compromise.

Roller coaster of change – life has it’s ups and downs, this insight helps you to identify how getting support can help you manage the stressful times so that you keep connected; it is possible to use those experiences to make your relationship stronger!

Circle of thoughts, feelings and behaviour – this insight shows how our feelings, thoughts and behaviour are linked. And how, for example, a change in the way we behave can lead to more positive thoughts and attitudes which in turn makes our feelings more positive too, leading to more changes in our behaviour.

Vicious cycle -This insight is especially important for couples when they become parents in terms of helping you understand how your couple relationship affects your relationships with your child.


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