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Pregnancy and Finance Activity 1: Check Out What Benefits You're Entitled To

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Mums who are working are usually entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay for up to 39 weeks of their maternity leave. This may be less than your normal pay – speak to your employer. If you have a low income or are self-employed you may still get a Maternity Allowance.

Dads are entitled to Statutory Paternity Pay for up to two weeks. This may be earnings-linked or a flat rate, whichever is less. For more guidance on maternity/paternity pay, visit the Directgov website.

Check the links below for information on specific benefits. For a summary of all of your entitlements, visit the Money Advice Service website .

  1. Child benefit is currently paid for each child.
  2. Tax credits and Working tax credits are also available if your   family income is below a certain threshold.
  3. Make the most of your entitlement to free dental care and eye checks as a pregnant or new mum.

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