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Love Actually

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Romance and intimacy means way more than sex – intimacy is really about bonding in a way that goes beyond words or fancy meals. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve “lost that loving feeling” – especially if you’ve just had a baby. Intimacy is sexy, so here are some top tips for getting it back.

•    Massage. It may sound cheesy but massage can be both fun and sexy. Make it a special event by buying some scented massage oil—cinnamon and orange is a classic, though many women might prefer something a little less pungent. Light some candles play some slushy music and even if she gets the giggles …enjoy yourself.

•    Music. Remember when making a mix tape for someone was the ultimate way to show you cared? You and your partner could spend an evening (quietly) going through your music collections and playing music that’s special to you as a couple.

•    Showers/Baths. Try washing each other and taking your time—you can do this when your baby’s asleep for the night, or during nap time.

•    Date night. Sometimes the sexiest and most romantic thing is just to spend time alone together, with dinner, music and conversation, at home or at a special bistro or café. So, if you can, maybe you and your partner can leave the baby with a family member or trusted sitter, and get to know each other again, date-style.

•    The baby in the room. If your baby sleeps in your room, you might feel more comfortable and relaxed having sex in another room, or by moving your baby. Think of it this way—you can make love all over the house, like newlyweds, teenagers, or randy pensioners.

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