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Budget Planner

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Some times our finances just seem to get a bit out of hand. Although we might know how much is coming in each month – what’s going out can be another story. Use this planner to see if your income and expenditure match up. Perhaps there are some things you could cut back on, or perhaps you could be saving a little more. This planner will help you get you finances in order so you can know exactly what you have to spend each month and where your hard earned pennies go!

Copy of budget planner (.pdf version)





£ annually/ monthly


£ annually/ monthly




Mortgage / rent












Water rates






Household maintenance



TV license









Road tax



Car insurance









Rescue service












Medical costs



Incidentals (hairdresser, dry cleaning)






Bus and train fares






Days out



School trips






Hire purchase and lone repayments



Life insurance






Other insurances






Buildings and contents insurance






Cinema / video / theatre



Evenings out



CDs and music






Fitness classes






Club memberships






Child care costs



Contributions / support for parents / family







Use the planner to think about:

  • How much do you spend? Are you spending more, breaking even, or do you have cash left at the end of each month?
  • Where are most of your outgoings, do you spend more than you should on clothes, or are you a take away addict? Are all your purchases essential?
  • Are there any surprises – it is shocking sometimes how much these things add up. How much is that gym membership, do you really need all those CDs?
  • Could you and you partner have a monthly budget? Talk about it together.
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  • Cc admin Flag

    Thank you for your comments on the budget planner –  we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. We will try to add a downloadable version of the planner in the near future.  In the meantime, if you have Microsoft Office Excel, you could copy the planner and paste it into an Excel document.
    Thank you also for your comments on the "Work it out" area. This section is where users have the possibility of making plans, using information and understanding gained from the "Check it out" and "Talk it out" sections. Should they wish to, users will also be able to set goals for their relationship and access exercises that help them to make changes and review their progress on a regular basis.
    In order to do this, a user would need to register so that we can provide them with resources that match their needs/interests; registration will also allow a user to create their own private Personal Space where they can personalize the resources they use on If both a user and their partner decide to register on the site, they will be able to create their own private Couple Space where they can work together on their relationship.

    Wed 22, Oct 2008 at 2:42pm
  • User-anonymous Anonymous Flag

    we are struggling right now.things cost more and we are worried bout jobs so I tried the planner to get a grip on things. we fight over money more than anything else.Well I showed Joe the list and first he got angry he thought i was goin to have a go.But I said look why don't we each fill it out and compare. Tried to print it prints wierd.Can you make it come out on one page? Can I fill it in and keep it on computer to do again when things change like when I win lotterty!
    I looked at the work it out but i cant work that out either. Can you explain.

    Fri 17, Oct 2008 at 4:45pm