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Been married 6 years, no kids, no sex for 3 years and no longer attracted to my partner, how do i end things to just stay friends?

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    Have the friendship conversation, how it is that it`s single edged, ego reserved, genuine, has the facet to counsell. There are a long list of areas where friendship outperforms love, romantic love at least.. Offer of these areas in abundance, and of your company.. Go on to list the inadequacies of romantic love. Hopefully she will join you in putting friendship before all else. Get this far and then get back to me. Take it very slowly though, and exercise total empathy throughout.. Google celebritydiscodave

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      you made me stop. I feel confused too. My relationship of 4 years and very on off sexual connection, this year alone maybe twice, which i find appalling. I am very sexual and know that a relationship needs more than sex to survive, however when our needs are not me, we feel insecure, alone, abandonment etc etc, well I do. Its a tough one, even for me, but I feel our needs over weigh love in the end, I am beginning to resent my bloke, and this is not me. wish you luck xx

      Fri 16, Jun 2017 at 9:13pm