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Not sure how to feel or what to do.

Posted by: Jeb81
Thu 17, Aug 2017 at 7:10pm
Affairs and Jealousy

I checked my wife's phone yesterday and looked at her text messages. I know I shouldn't have and admit this freely. However, I saw her messages from an old boyfriend. They were sending pictures back and forth, fully clothed. I understand he is still her friend was ok with that up until I saw where he asked for a picture of them. His words. She sent him a selfie of her looking at him like he was crazy, he responded back with you know what I mean, I haven't seen them in a while. Then emoji with heart eyes, then kissing emoji. I don't think I believe she sent the pic, but I asked her about it. After talking about it, she said he's just a jerk and likes boobs. Again, I understand they are friends and I trust her not to sleep with him, but I feel like she should have been open about it and should have told me about this. We have been married for seven years and I have checked her phone twice in that time. Again, I know I was wrong for checking, but I've tried talking about how I feel and it just keeps coming back to me not trusting her and checking her phone.

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