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My relationship with my partner is breaking down rapidly

Posted by: Felicity
Tue 23, Jan 2018 at 3:17pm
Communications in relationships

I feel my relationship with my partner is going downhill since we relocated in september. We dont do anyhing together and every time i ask it seems forced. I do activities he likes for him but i wont get much back. All he focuses on is his job and his prime gaming time with his mates. Often I hear him say comments about me that i find rude and inappropriate. He says he loves me but he wont cook or clean and when i ask him to he does it annoyingly, yet he complains of other people houses beig messy. He says he appreciate me cooking and cleaning/ working full time but i dont think he does. when i work weekends and nights or lates (he has a mon-fri office hours job. i work in a care agency so irregular hours for me) he complains that he doesnt see me and wants to do things with me so I keep those days off to make up of his "comment" and yet all he does is playing games or doing his own thing. I do get that sometimes you need to have your own space but he feels that whenever he feels like he can come up and screw my "me time" cause he wants to do something that he likes. When i bring this up he starts moaning and i get angry so as a result he spends "some time" with me to make up for it and then forgets about it all again. In the last few weeks he suggested we go swimming together in the morning (new years resolution) and we only been once. The only time we spend together is when we go and see a friend or a family member of his and then he slacks me off in front of them "he calls it banter" ( new word he discovered). i got injured playing a sport recently so im off work and he keeps rubbing it i my face saying things to his mates like "she stupidly hurt herself or see his missus work have you heard of that before" and i found it extremely rude (he calls it banter). When i go to work he will be talking to me about thigs but ever since we moved we never sat down and talk. Our wedding is this year but he wont discuss wedding stuff with me and i decide to do somethig he suddenly act interested and take it into his own hands like he did all the work. few days ago i went to work (saturday) all day i sat there waitig for him to do somethig together, I suggested swimming he refused and he spent the day playig games till i went off to work (temp drivig job) and told him to cook. he rings me and text me asking if i was ok and when i was due back and stated he will have food ready for me. i came backno hello no nothing. he asked whilst playig his games how was work and as i was replying he focused on the game i got upset and hit him with wool hat. he got very angry apparently and went back to his games. i prepared my dinner and went to bed an hour later. when i was in bed he decided to talk to me ( he knows i struggle with my sleep). i ignored him and never spoke to him since. sunday (yesterday) came i was at home and went out to work in the evenig without telling him and i get 15 missed calls from him and his family and few texts saying that i need to get in touch and that they are worried or they gonna call the police. still havent spoken to him. He doesnt get it. what sort of couple live together and doesnt do anythig together. i feel like im living with a stranger and used as a slave as i do all the cooking and cleaning. Hes threaten to destroy my life by telling my family abot my lifestyle and what ive been doing with him that could lead in more abuse from my family (not only ill be heartbroken for he break up but i will have to suffer the parents abuse again..which is another long story) if i leave him so im stuck here with a suddenly control freak that doesnt trust me after 5 years of this relationship. I dont know what to do with my life anymore.

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  • User-anonymous Alex Flag

    Felicity. When a man treats his lady like that. I would go in his face and ask the question: Will this ever change and what you have done to him to deserve that? Bc there is no respect anymore as it seams!

    If he will not change I would look for my own life before you become a slave and he uses you.


    Wed 24, Jan 2018 at 12:38am