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Ex boyfriend likes another girl? BUT HE STILL TALKS TO ME

Posted by: kdinthahouse
Thu 17, Aug 2017 at 10:46pm
Affairs and Jealousy, Friends & Family, Life transitions, Communications in relationships, A Psychologist's Perspective
Break ups,relationship,advice,friend,ex boyfriend,rebound

So my ex boyfriend broke up with me last week after a 2.5 year relationship. We kept in touch and tried to no limited contact/no contact..which didn't really work. He recently told me that he started to like this girl (let's name her Jan) who was helping him through the break up. I asked him why and when he liked her, and he said he liked her bc she was nice and comforting..and he liked her a day after we broke up. However, Jan is like his female BFF, so I can't tell if this is a rebound or not. My ex doesn't mind that we hang out and is still talking to me in person..but he still likes Jan..what should I do? It hurts to see him like another so quickly, but I want to be there and I still want him back.. what should I do? Is their relationship turning into something serious or is this a rebound?

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