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  • Job satisfaction affects love life and happiness

    25 Mar 12:40 by admin

    Nearly a quarter (24.85%) of Britain’s population believes that their love life and happiness has been affected by their job, according to a new study carried out by (continued)

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  • New study reveals average penis size

    12 Mar 17:00 by admin

    Researchers hope that a new study revealing the average adult penis size will help to reassure the majority of men that they fall within the ‘normal’ range. The study inv... (continued)

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  • Couples quiz each other in hilarious Truth or Drink game

    25 Feb 11:17 by admin

    A new video that’s going viral has couples playing a revealing game of Truth or Drink, asking each other intimate questions about sex and relationships. The clip, produced by C... (continued)

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  • Married couples experience 'sexual rebound' after 50 years

    17 Feb 10:57 by admin

    Have you lost the spark in the bedroom? Well, you only have to wait until your Golden Anniversary for things to heat up again, if this new research is to be believed! Researchers at ... (continued)

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  • Ikea launches app to strengthen relationships

    16 Feb 10:38 by admin

    A trip to Ikea can put a strain on the most committed of couple relationships (well, in this blogger's experience anyway) so it seems right that the Swedish brand has launched a new... (continued)

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  • One in seven have had online relationship with stranger

    11 Feb 12:33 by admin

    If you’ve ever watched the TV show Catfish, then the concept of being in a relationship with someone you’ve never met in real life won’t be unfamiliar to you. Yet y... (continued)

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  • Four in ten couples no longer feel a spark in the bedroom

    10 Feb 10:34 by admin

    A new nationwide survey conducted by Holland & Barrett has found that thousands of Brits aren’t satisfied with their partner’s sexual prowess. Findings from the brand... (continued)

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  • Helpline for revenge porn victims launched in UK

    09 Feb 11:56 by admin

    A new service, run by the South West Grid for Learning charity, has been launched, offering support to people affected by revenge porn. has been launched to tackle the ri... (continued)

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  • Students use porn to fill sex education gaps

    05 Feb 11:43 by admin

    Are British schools doing enough to educate young people on sex and relationships? A new NUS study has found that 60% of students use porn to learn more about sex. The survey of 2,50... (continued)

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  • Four in ten adults check their partner’s phone behind their back

    04 Feb 11:01 by admin

    It seems we Brits are a suspicious bunch! A recent study commissioned for the new Samsung Galaxy A-Series smartphone has found that four in ten adults in a relationship regularly spy on... (continued)

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  • The top parenting worries revealed

    03 Feb 11:53 by admin

    What worries you the most as a new parent? A new survey of British parents, conducted by Pampers, has found just what keeps new mums and dads awake at night. Predictably, the child&#... (continued)

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  • One in three kids live with unmarried parents, says ONS

    02 Feb 15:16 by admin

    A third of British children live with unmarried parents, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest. The majority of dependent kids (63%) lived in a hom... (continued)

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  • Half of men over 70 still having sex, study finds

    29 Jan 11:20 by admin

    Sexuality in later life is rarely discussed, but as a new survey by the University of Manchester has found out, older people are continuing to enjoy an active sex life well into their 7... (continued)

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  • A third of women change their appearance for their partner

    28 Jan 11:00 by admin

    A recent study of 1,500 women by Littlewoods has found that just over a quarter of women in long-term relationships have given their partner a makeover. According to the study, 27% o... (continued)

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  • Young couples prefer to live in the suburbs

    27 Jan 10:47 by admin

    The stereotype of the young couple who dream of living in the big city may be a thing of the past, as a new survey suggests that many Millennials aspire to life in suburbia. A survey... (continued)

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  • Parents restricting access to tech to control child’s behaviour

    26 Jan 14:37 by admin

    Parents all have their own ways of getting their children to behave: the threat of the naughty step, not being allowed to go out and play, no pudding after dinner. But in today&rsquo... (continued)

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  • Would you give up sex for a mobile phone?

    23 Jan 14:19 by admin

    A new study of American consumers has found that one-third of the population would happily give up sex for a year than give up their mobile phone! The survey of 1,003 American adults... (continued)

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  • Mums and dads have split views on shared parental leave

    22 Jan 11:53 by admin

    The new law for shared parental leave will come into force this April, but what are parents’ attitudes towards the new bill? A poll of 2,000 Brits by the department of Business... (continued)

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  • Do you compare your children to other kids?

    21 Jan 12:01 by admin

    A recent survey by CouponCodesPro has found that nearly three quarters of US parents (72%) compare their children to other kids. When asked by the digital coupon site what traits the... (continued)

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  • UK families with kids face financial difficulties, survey suggests

    20 Jan 10:37 by admin

    Families with children are more likely to have less money than they need to live on, new analysis suggests. The study of UK families by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that the ... (continued)

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  • Honeymooners place experience over romance

    19 Jan 11:36 by admin

    A new survey of newlyweds has found that couples planning their honeymoon are more likely to choose excitement over rose petals and bubbly. The survey, conducted by honeymoon funding... (continued)

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  • UK parents worry most about children's mental health

    16 Jan 12:12 by admin

    A new survey of British parents has found that their biggest worry is about their children’s mental wellbeing. The survey, conducted by Action for Children, found that 40% of p... (continued)

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  • Would you join a social network for sex toys?

    15 Jan 16:16 by admin

    A new social network that allows couples in long distance relationship to stay intimate with each other is set to be launched. The Florida-based start-up, titled FriXion, allows user... (continued)

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  • Biggest wedding day regret? Allowing family to interfere

    14 Jan 11:26 by admin

    A new survey published by wedding website weddingsonline has found that the biggest regret of newlyweds is allowing their friends and family to interfere with the wedding plans. The ... (continued)

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  • How nagging your partner into silence could ruin your relationship

    13 Jan 11:40 by admin

    Too much nagging can cause your partner to become withdrawn and disengaged from your relationship, a new study warns. According to the study of over 2,500 cohabiting and married coup... (continued)

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