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Women prefer a day off with friends over their partner

09 Oct 14:37 by admin
Tags: friends, finding time for each other,

Four in ten British women would rather spend a day off with their best friend than with their partner, a poll has found.

Researchers found that 46% of females say that other women are better company than men, and prefer to hang out with their best girlfriends than with their other half.

Other findings from the poll, commissioned by Paddy Power Bingo, were:

  • A third of the women participating said they could talk about serious issues more easily with their girlfriends.
  • One in five said their girlfriends seemed more interested in what they were up to than their husband or boyfriend.
  • 25% of women would much rather spend free time alone. Three quarters of these women said they would embrace the peace and quiet while 38% said they love having the house all to themselves.

Nearly half were reported to say that it was their only chance to watch what they like on TV or surf the internet without disruption.

Finding the balance between couple time and alone time can be difficult – particularly when you’re a cohabiting couple or if you have children.

A lack of personal time can make some feel like they are losing their sense of self. Read our Keeping your Individuality in a relationship article to learn about the importance of ‘me time’ in a relationship.

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