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Prime Minister pledges to support relationships

13 Jan 11:31 by admin
Tags: relationships, relationship advice, parent support

The Prime Minister has said that strengthening families and relationships is at the heart of the government’s agenda.

David Cameron has delivered his speech on life chances, outlining his government’s plans for supporting the poorest families in Britain, amidst an expansion of the Troubled Families project to include another 400,000 families.

He has also pledged an extra £35 million for preventative relationship support that could help couples to maintain strong relationships and avoid reaching crisis point.

Early support can help couples find effective ways of communicating with each other, from the everyday gestures that can mean so much, to the bigger life questions like where to live, and whether or not to have children. Planning ahead for big decisions like these, rather than brushing them under the carpet, can help them go much more smoothly.

The Prime Minister has also backed the Church of England’s LifeSavers project, which teaches primary school children about personal finances. This can be seen as a long term measure aimed at creating a culture where families can manage their money more effectively and are better prepared for financial emergencies.

He also talked about the relationship between parents and children and the particular importance of the early years, when the home environment can have a profound effect on emotional, mental, and physical development.

Our online app Me, You and Baby Too is designed to help you and your partner maintain all the good things about your couple relationship as you make the transition into parenthood.

One of the headline measures of the Prime Minister’s speech was a pledge to support parents by backing a culture shift towards normalising parenting classes, saying he wants “to make it normal – even aspirational to attend parenting classes”.

Some people might see seeking support around parenting and couple relationships as an admission of failure but we believe it is always a positive step to accept support in these important areas. To read more about this, check our article on why it’s OK to ask for relationship support.

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