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Is social media good or bad for your long distance relationship?

10 Dec 11:58 by admin
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Three quarters of students say they use social media and photos to maintain intimacy whilst apart, according to a snap survey by relationships charity OnePlusOne and The Student Room. But is social media always a good thing?

According to the survey, a third (36%) of couples feel Facebook played a part in the break-up of their long distance relationship (LDR).

One fifth (20%) of those surveyed said that the relationship broke down because one person cheated, with some finding out about their partner’s infidelity through incriminating pictures posted on Facebook.

But Facebook wasn’t the only culprit – 10% say that Twitter was a factor the relationship’s decline.

‘Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and The Student Room can help couples keep in touch, but it’s clear that students do need to be careful about what they are posting,’ says Jack Wallington, marketing director at The Student Room. ‘It’s easy for a quick post to be misinterpreted, leading to jealousy and friction in the relationship.’

The good news is that LDRs have almost exactly the same chance of working out as those where couples are geographically close.  Contradicting popular mythology, the snap survey showed that just over 90% of students do not think it is ok to have sex with another person whilst in an LDR.

‘There are a number of factors that contribute to making a relationship work, regardless of physical distance. Whilst social media has opened up more ways to stay in touch, it cannot replace more personal forms of communication, which can demonstrate love and trust of your partner,’ says Hannah Green from OnePlusOne.

‘It is often the small gestures that matter such as a text to say ‘I love you’. Studies have shown that couples in an LDR who meet face-to-face at least once a month are more likely to last and be happy.’

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