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57% of people feel their personal lives are affected by work

29 Jan 14:17 by admin
Tags: work, family, work life balance
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It seems our always-on lifestyle is taking its toll on relationships, as a new study finds half of men and women find that their work life is having an impact on their personal relationships.

The Tilda-commissioned study of 2,000 men and women found that 57% of people’s personal lives have been affected by putting in too many hours at work. Over half of people say they commonly argue with their partner and nearly a third spend much less time playing with their children.

More than half of participants feel that their stress and anxiety levels have risen in the last 12 months as a result of struggling to find the right balance between work and family life.

Some find it impossible to switch off: one third of people surveyed say that they are consumed by thoughts of work from the moment they wake and one in four say they only stop thinking about work last thing at night.

But getting to sleep can prove to be difficult: the average person gets just over six and a half hours sleep in a typical evening and has to cope with disturbed sleep at least once a week.

As living costs rise, many of us are putting in more hours at work in order to provide for our families. It can be tough, but there are ways to cope. Read our article on how shift work affects couple relationships to find out how other couples deal with spending less time with one another.

For more tips on getting a good work-life balance, visit our Work section.

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