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  • Relationships and Sex Education: Have your say

    17 Jan 16:27 by admin

    From next year, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) will become statutory in all secondary schools and Relationships Education in all primary schools. What do you want your childre... (continued)

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  • Beating fatigue as a new parent

    07 Jun 10:05 by admin

    When you’ve just had a baby, you can expect to feel tired. As you adjust to the physical and emotional demands of parenting, you’ll be sleeping less and doing more, so it&rs... (continued)

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  • Learning more about debt and relationships

    30 May 15:35 by admin

    We are running a survey with Relate to help explore the links between debt and relationship problems. The results will feed into new support services for money advice and relationship s... (continued)

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  • Debt and relationships – real stories, animated

    18 Apr 16:28 by admin

    When debt knocks at the door, love flies out of the window. 60% of people who contact debt charities also report problems with their relationships.   Our Debt and Relationships ... (continued)

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  • Do you need to do anything for Valentine’s Day?

    14 Feb 14:37 by admin

    At the CoupleConnection, we think about relationships every day so we don’t really need to put Valentine’s Day in our diary. However, it is a good opportunity for renew... (continued)

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  • Constructive conflict in relationships

    10 Jan 15:56 by admin

    Conflict is unavoidable. In every relationship, there are always going to be things to sort out that you can’t agree on straight away. How you choose to deal with that conflict ca... (continued)

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  • Falling short: the experiences of families below the Minimum Income Standard

    04 Nov 16:46 by admin

    A report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation explores the experiences of families living below the Minimum Income Standard, a benchmark based on what the public agrees is the minimum a ... (continued)

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  • Should all couples getting married have premarital education?

    04 Nov 16:43 by admin

    As civil ceremonies become more popular than religious weddings, we explore the idea of marriage preparation and the role it has in modern weddings. Many church weddings include a tr... (continued)

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  • Supporting your partner after having a baby

    04 Nov 16:36 by admin

    In the early years of parenthood, it can be hard to hold onto a sense of who you used to be, particularly as a partner and a lover. But it’s not just your relationship with the ba... (continued)

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  • Relationships and health

    27 Oct 14:01 by admin

    Stressful events like the end of a relationship can put a strain on your physical and mental health. But sometimes relationships do have to end and being aware of the risks can help you... (continued)

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  • Keeping the flame alight

    27 Oct 13:51 by admin

    In her book 365 Days: A Memoir of Intimacy, Charla Muller charts the year she had sex every day with her husband, which she gave him as a present for his 40th birthday. The book touched... (continued)

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  • How to change your name

    07 Oct 14:37 by admin

    If you and your partner  want to share the same last name, it can be a straightforward process. How you go about it will depend upon whether you are married or civil partnered, or ... (continued)

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  • Legal help for emotional abuse

    07 Jun 15:42 by admin

    Victims of domestic abuse can use legal support to help keep themselves safe, even without evidence of physical violence. Domestic abuse takes many forms and isn’t always physi... (continued)

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  • Are you in a distressed relationship?

    26 May 15:46 by admin

    According to new research from Relate, nearly three million people across the UK – that’s one in five married or cohabiting couples – are in “distressed relation... (continued)

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  • Why Facebook is full of baby photos

    28 Apr 14:03 by admin

    While it might seem like there’s a constant barrage of proud parent posts on social media sites, research suggests that these updates can be a real lifeline for new parents and ma... (continued)

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  • The empty nest: participants needed for study

    26 Apr 14:55 by admin

    Suzi Godson, from Birkbeck University in London, is looking to talk to a small number of married women as part of her study exploring issues that affect marriage in mid-life. The stu... (continued)

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  • Do relationships get stronger over time?

    05 Apr 16:18 by admin

    Some relationships are built to last. Others break down or drift apart over time. But new research is showing that the longer you stay together, the less likely you are to break up. ... (continued)

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  • What do your standards say about your relationship?

    01 Apr 11:04 by admin

    Can your expectations of a relationship affect how satisfied you are with it? If you have high standards, are you more likely to be disappointed? Or can having high standards be a motiv... (continued)

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  • Talking to young people about relationships

    23 Mar 11:23 by admin

    The language used to describe relationships changes constantly. For young people these days, the terminology is getting pretty vague. So how do you talk to your adolescent children abou... (continued)

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  • How to keep the passion alive in a long-term relationship

    09 Mar 17:24 by admin

    How to keep the passion alive is one of those age-old relationship questions. It’s often said that sexual satisfaction declines as relationships go on, but new research says that ... (continued)

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  • You’re never too old for parental love

    10 Feb 15:58 by admin

    Regular contact with your parents can be beneficial right into adulthood. Professor Karen Fingerman from the University of Texas has recently published an article in the journal The ... (continued)

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  • Cohabitation Awareness: do you know your rights?

    21 Jan 17:00 by admin

    We’ve recently talked about how, emotionally at least, young people are now feeling more secure about moving in together without being married first. But are cohabiting couples... (continued)

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  • Prime Minister pledges to support relationships

    13 Jan 11:31 by admin

    The Prime Minister has said that strengthening families and relationships is at the heart of the government’s agenda. David Cameron has delivered his speech on life chances, ou... (continued)

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  • Why orgasms are good for you

    07 Jan 12:23 by admin

    Sex, when shared with someone you trust and are attracted to, is usually good fun. Right? Yes, there are exceptions, but an orgasm is generally considered a positive experience. To b... (continued)

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  • I want you to want him

    16 Dec 13:45 by admin

    An interesting new study has brought up the idea that women find their partners more attractive when they see that they are desired by other women. Generally speaking, this makes a l... (continued)

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