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Want to learn more about your relationship? Get LoveSmart!

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Where do you go to learn about relationships? To help young adults get more information on the realities of being in a couple, relationships charity OnePlusOne has launched LoveSmart.

The online tool uses relationship science and interactive animations to encourage users to set boundaries, communicate effectively and understand their emotions. The site also looks at sex and intimacy within a broader context of dating and forming relationships.

‘The site covers matters such as “What kind of relationship am I in?”, “Do I have to have sex?” and “Can I be friends with my ex?”’ says OnePlusOne Director Penny Mansfield. ‘Our hope is that we can answer the questions of young adults while showing them how to improve the quality of their relationships.’

OnePlusOne has identified a need for young adults to be given more education on couple relationships. Recent research findings have shown that many young adults  feel that they are missing out on this when at school and some are turning to pornography to learn more about sex.

‘It’s a myth to assume that the only thing young adults are interested in is sex,” continues  Mansfield. ‘They care very much about their relationships as we discovered recently at an event we attended held by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB).’

In a snap poll of 166 people, we at theCoupleConnection asked if any of our users wish that they received Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) at school. The vast majority (79%) said they wish they had received RSE at school, 14% said no and 7% said that they did receive RSE when they were in education.

In a separate poll, we also asked our users whether they think that RSE should be mandatory in British schools. Nearly three quarters (73%) agreed that it should be mandatory while 10% said no. Some were sitting on the fence – 8% said maybe – and some had no idea what relationships education was (9%).

If you want to learn more about relationships, visit LoveSmart today.

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