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  • How to be understood

    21 Mar 15:06

    Picture this: you’ve had a long day at work and you’re glad to be home. There’s some washing-up left in the sink from last night and you want to get it done so you can... (continued)

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  • Helping your relationship heal if you’ve had an affair

    28 Feb 14:50

    If you’ve had an affair, there may be a question mark hanging over your entire relationship. If you and your partner have decided to work things out, the following tips can help y... (continued)

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  • Supporting a partner with an eating disorder

    21 Feb 16:21

    If your partner has an eating disorder, you may be feeling lots of guilt, frustration and stress. You may also feel pressure to keep an eye on your other half’s eating habits and ... (continued)

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  • Dealing with debt in a relationship

    26 Jan 16:44

    Whether it’s a credit card or a bank loan, help from a family member, a quick dip into the overdraft, or even a payday loan, almost everyone has some experience of borrowing money... (continued)

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  • Finding a balance in your relationship

    28 Nov 12:12

    In every relationship, there’s a balance of power – how you manage this will affect how you feel as a couple. The more equal and balanced your relationship is, the happier y... (continued)

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  • Working out how to be a parent together

    04 Nov 16:21

    In stressful times, couples can often find it hard to communicate and may feel misunderstood or ignored by their partner. During pregnancy and the first few months of a baby’s ... (continued)

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  • Relationship problems after a baby arrives

    27 Oct 15:31

    When you feel like things aren’t what they used to be in your relationship, it can be a sad time. Having a baby can bring this feeling on overnight, so it’s important to rec... (continued)

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  • Protect your child’s inheritance money by making a will

    21 Oct 12:27

    Making a will ensures that your money and possessions will be distributed according to your wishes. When a person dies without having made a will, it is called ‘dying intestate&rs... (continued)

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  • The myth of common law marriage

    19 Oct 17:07

    The myth of common-law marriage – that couples who live together have the same legal rights as married couples – springs from a time when there was uncertainty about what co... (continued)

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  • Buying a property and moving in together: what you need to know

    17 Oct 16:22

    Moving in together is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a couple. Whether you are buying or renting, there are a number of things to consider and it’s important to get ... (continued)

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Most Helpful

  • Arguing Over Text Message or Email?

    09 May 15:39

    With modern technology there’s always the potential for disaster, and never more so than when it’s placed in the hands of a warring couple. So why do so many of us allow our... (continued)

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  • Health and relationships - creating better physical and emotional wellbeing - relationship advice

    30 Aug 12:05

    Is your relationship affecting your health? Have you ever heard that a good relationship will benefit your health? The great news is recent research has found this to be true. But he... (continued)

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  • I love you but I'm not in love with you

    30 Mar 16:11

    Extracts from Andrew G Marshall's best selling book on the seven steps to saving your relationship    

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  • How to prevent an argument from escalating

    28 Feb 15:12

    We all have little arguments with our partner from time to time. Someone forgets to clean up after themselves, someone loses the remote control to the TV or someone still owes money for... (continued)

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  • Reunions and staying connected while you're apart

    28 Oct 11:44

    Remember - communicating by phone, text and email are very different types of communication. So think carefully about what you say and how you say it. Hearing each others’ voices ... (continued)

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  • New Year’s resolutions for your relationship

    30 Dec 22:23

    Lots of people make a New Year’s resolution, but how many have resolved to improve their relationship this January? While you might take the annual vow to lose weight, save mon... (continued)

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  • Tips: Finding Time for Each Other

    24 Oct 17:07

    Juggling friends, family and work commitments often leaves partners struggling to find time for each other. Check out these tips for a bit of help putting ‘couple time’ b... (continued)

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  • Can this relationship be saved?

    29 Mar 14:14

    Relationship Therapist Andrew G Marshall provides answers to that all important question; 'can this reationship be saved'. You've caught your partner cheating on you,... (continued)

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  • Romance to reality

    15 Aug 14:20

    ‘Romance, what romance?’ you might be thinking. The reality of life kicks in when you move from that early loved-up phase of your relationship to finding out about the tr... (continued)

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  • Does She Still Fancy You?

    27 Oct 17:16

    When you are in a long term relationship it easy to stop making an effort about how you look. Both men and woman sometimes feel they don’t have to try anymore now you are not out ... (continued)

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  • Loss of Intimacy

    05 Mar 15:48

    Part of being intimate is being sexual together. When there is a problem in the sexual relationship it can be very difficult for couples. This article looks at some of the reasons why a... (continued)

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  • Is your partner too controlling?

    20 Jul 16:04

    Feeling your partner is too controlling is a serious issue; often the warning signs are there very early on in a relationship but tend to get ignored. Possessive and jealous behaviou... (continued)

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  • My Partner doesn't want to have sex any more - help!

    29 Jun 12:02

    On forum we see lots of posts about sex, or lack of it. Lots of you worry that your partner doesn’t fancy you anymore because they never initiate sex. The ... (continued)

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  • How to save your relationship on your own

    27 Mar 17:17

    Whenever I tell someone that they don't have to wait for their partner to commit to saving their relationship, I always get a quizzical look and sometimes downright scepticism: Does... (continued)

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  • Affairs, jealousy and Facebook

    11 Jan 12:21

    Most of us are guilty of looking up an old flame on Facebook and having a good old nosey at their new life without us. But at what point does common curiosity turn into plain old cheati... (continued)

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  • Affairs and jealousy - The green eyed monster

    14 Aug 09:11

    Most of us will experience feelings of jealousy in our relationship from time to time. Some times we can laugh them off; other times they might cause us anxiety. Mild feelings of ... (continued)

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  • Tips: Sex and building intimacy

    25 Oct 10:24

    When you’re no longer in the first throws of romance, it’s normal for sex to fall off your list of priorities. But you can rebuild intimacy. Check out the tips below for som... (continued)

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  • Is this site for me?

    20 Aug 09:54 - is this site for me? Do you want to get back to how things ‘used to be’ with your partner? Are you worried about your relationship? Do you ... (continued)

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  • What Other Couples Say About Getting on Better with my Partner

    14 Aug 15:26

    Do you ever find you and your partner just don't get along? Do the smallest disagreements sometimes turn into blazing rows? Living together and dealing with all the stresses and ... (continued)

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  • What mature couples say about happy marriages

    24 Jun 14:39

    Finding someone to love and stay with for the rest of your life is something many of us aspire to. Here, couples who have been married for 30 years or more talk about their relations... (continued)

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