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i really need to spend more time with my boyfriend, but he lives 200 miles away. will this long distance relationship work?

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    It might be worth posing your issue on the relationship forum on this site to get a wider range of answers and opinions

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      thank you. i tend to agree. but communications are strained at the moment due to arguements, and irt is so hard to make up via text, email etc... i will carry on trying, but am not hopeful!

      thank you for your response - very helpful

      Mon 9, Jan 2012 at 11:14pm
    • User-anonymous mvdm Flag

      I think long-distance relationships can work, but they take commitment, flexibility and understanding from both sides. If you put the work in over the phone/texts/emails while you're apart, the time you do have together can be even more special.

      Mon 9, Jan 2012 at 3:03pm