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We're just dating but I want a relationship

Posted by: Anonymous
Mon 9, Jan 2017 at 8:15pm

So I been talking to his guy and we been almost inseparable since the 2nd time we seen each other. I think he really likes me. But of course we have had sex before. Often. But it's not like we have sex every time we are together. We go on dates and we are together a lot. Everyday n night. But we aren't in a relationship. I'm not rushing but I do eventually want to be more than talking/sexing. I want to see if he really likes me. I've been staying at his house for the past month. Should I leave n give him some space to see if he reaches out? How can I tell if he really likes me for real? How can I make sure I don't mess it up and get us forward?

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    It sounds like you're really excited about this developing relationship, and I know it can be frustrating while you wait to find out where it's heading. Have you tried asking him how he feels about things? Have you been able to express your own feelings towards him?

    Wed 11, Jan 2017 at 11:04am