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Should I Get Professional Help?

Posted by: Anonymous
Thu 20, Apr 2017 at 5:12am

Hello, i'm 22 and am currently in a four year relationship. I have numerous trust issues which i have had my whole life and have carried on through every relationship since i began dating. I try to keep these suppressed but they have gradually ruined every relationship i have ever had. I try to personify the laid back trustworthy girl because that's who i wish i was. But there always comes point where i can no longer keep it up and I literally explode like a time bomb. Its unpleasant and its degrading to myself to suddenly become this insane, jealous, controlling, emotional person. I have worked out recently that it isn't anything personal on my boyfriends behalf. He isn't doing a thing wrong i am pushing and pushing him. Almost as if i am trying to force him into doing something that will hurt me so i can say "AH HA i was right all along, these crazy feelings are valid" but they aren't. Not in this relationship anyway. I feel as though to keep my relationship and to truly be who i want to be i should see a clinical psychologist. However this is incredibly confronting and i am terrified it wont work and i will be like this forever. I hold on to these jealous feelings because i feel if i let my guard down that's when i will get cheated on or betrayed or hurt in some way. I kind of just want to know has anyone here seeked professional help before? Has it worked and was it terrifying?

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    It's very encouraging that you're so aware of yourself and what leads you to have these thoughts. But, if that awareness isn't making the thoughts go away, then it might be useful to get some professional help. You could try out a session or two and see if it feels right for you. It might be terrifying, but then some of life's biggest steps are.

    Is this something you've spoken to your boyfriend about? Does he know you have these thoughts? I wonder if it might help to open up a conversation about this with him. He might even be willing to join you in a counselling or therapy session.

    Fri 21, Apr 2017 at 11:54am