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My partner does things I have asked her not too.

Posted by: Anonymous
Sat 3, Jun 2017 at 8:12am
Friends & Family, Getting on Better with my Partner, Communications in relationships

This is just the latest incident it happens often and makes me feel like everyone else's wishes are more important to her and I mean nothing to her. She thinks she should be allowed to do whatever she wants and I am being irrational.

Ok so the latest incident was a friend asked her to flirt with her ex to find out if he was hitting with people online as well as get other info from him. They are currently fighting over their children. I asked her not to get involved. Her friend asked her again so she went ahead and did it. Now I feel betrayed and like my feelings dont matter. She says I am being ridiculous and irrational.Should I just suck it up?

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    Try informing her that this level of compliment from her is very likely to consequence in his flirting, and that no actual realistic normal circumstance experiment is even being conducting. Will the information which they wish to extract from such a circumstance be of definitive benefit to the children? - Put the children`s needs above both your needs. Encourage your partner to work for equilibrium in all areas where it is simply of concern to the two of you.. This would be a state of truly genuine and mutual love.

    Sat 3, Jun 2017 at 8:44am