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My girlfriend cheated on me today with my best friend??

Posted by: Anonymous
Fri 10, Mar 2017 at 6:38pm
Sex and Affairs

About 30 minutes ago, my girlfriend admitted through text that she cheated on me for about three years earlier today with my best friend,. I haven't responded back yet.
She said that the last time they had sex, was today. Any advice on what I should do... how would u respond. Any advice pls?
I never caught them, she finally told me about it and said she loved me and would never do it again and will never see or talk to this man again, should I forgive her, and how can I ever get my trust back, and get this knife I feel is sticking in my back out? how long before the pain goes away, because I don't even want to live anymore, it hurts so bad.*The guy's got an a** kicking when I see him, but should I trust her again? P. S... Today is my birthday... FM even went so far as to involve both my SISTER and MOTHER into aiding them in hiding this 3 year affair with my girlfriend. We have been together for 8 years,

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  • User-anonymous Anon Flag

    Wait your sister and mother both knew for three years? What a mess.. If the affair was going on for three years just get out of there. They had a full blown relationship and its obviously fizzled out so youre being made number one again. Not all women are like that, it will be easy to find a girl who wont hurt you like that.

    Tue 14, Mar 2017 at 8:28am
  • User-anonymous Jazz375 Flag

    Why did she tell you? Was she afraid you'd find out from someone else, and thought if she confessed that you'd forgive her? Why did your mother & sister help keep it from you too? I'd be feeling very angry and very hurt in these circumstances. I don't know whether I could find it in myself to just forgive and carry on the relationship. Only you know whether you can, or indeed want to, continue the relationship. If you do decide to carry on with her, she would have to be prepared to offer you an awful lot of openness about what she is doing in order to enable you to rebuild trust in her fidelity. She may promise now never to do it again, but you must know yourself that if she was capable of doing it once, there's a chance she would do it again if the circumstances were right. Is she prepared to try relationship counselling? - Are you?

    Tue 21, Mar 2017 at 5:17pm