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Jealously? overreacting

Posted by: Advice
Tue 8, Aug 2017 at 1:42am
Affairs and Jealousy, Communications in relationships

Thank you for the help.

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  • User-anonymous MrsBubba Flag

    Perhaps you could approach it by talking to your husband about what is/isn't appropriate with girls of that age. Teens and preteens can, as we know, act flirtatiously with older men without realising what they are doing. Your husband, as the adult, needs to realise that there's a barrier here that he should be wary of regardless of their relation to him. I'm sure there's nothing malicious or inappropriate in it from your husband - but maybe he still thinks of them as little kids. Perhaps he's just not aware that now the girls are a little older he needs to treat them like he would any other teenage girl.

    Mon 14, Aug 2017 at 9:38pm
  • User-anonymous Anoy Flag

    Hello, thank you I agree. I do not think their is anything malicious about it either. I do feel weird feeling this way about the situation since they are only 12 years old. What are you thoughts if one is messaging with them like on social media throughout the day?

    Mon 14, Aug 2017 at 10:23pm
  • User-anonymous Anoy Flag

    *with him (my husband)

    Mon 14, Aug 2017 at 10:24pm
  • User-anonymous MrsBubba78 Flag

    It's tricky because I don't really know them. I guess they also don't know what's appropriate. I suppose that's why it's his his job to draw the boundaries. He doesn't have to offended them, he just needs to stop responding and they will soon back off.

    Tue 15, Aug 2017 at 6:19am