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Is my girlfriend cheating?

Posted by: Colguy123
Tue 5, Dec 2017 at 3:09pm
Affairs and Jealousy

So i remember one time my girlfriend ( F20) was gonna call a place where only women works. then she walked to the toilet. Then i walked past the toilett and I heard a guy voice from the toilett?

Then on the evening i checked her phone calls list and I found that she really called that place around that time she walked to the toilet but why did i heard a guy voice then? and why didnt i find a call from att male in her call log then? Maybe she called someone after and then deleted that call? Please help im worried

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  • User-anonymous Achyheartface Flag

    How you know only women work their? Maybe she had a masculine voice.

    Are you being crazy? I feel like maybe something else must have have happened for you to think this way, stalking calls isnt cool. How long been together?

    Sat 16, Dec 2017 at 1:58pm