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Is he about to end things or propose?

Posted by: Anonymous
Sun 5, Mar 2017 at 8:31am
Becoming a Parent, Finding Time for Each Other, Making a Commitment, Bringing up Children Together, Communications in relationships, Living Apart Together

I'm feeling really confused about my relationship as of lately. We were fine a week ago. Talking about moving in together and everything and now he seems to be just dragging his feet. And I asked if we can see each other and he has excuses as to why he can't see me. And he's been very distant barely answering my texts. The thing is I'm 9 weeks pregnant with twins and I feel like he is distancing himself and I'm afraid he's about to break up with me or my friend said maybe he's getting ready to propose I don't know what to think. He knows how I feel about wanting to get married before the babies arrive and I'm hoping it's just that but he won't even return my text. He does work overnight shifts so I'm understanding about everything but I just want his time and affection when he's not at work and has a day off but he text me saying he's feeling overwhelmed between work his family and our family but he isn't making as much effort as I am to try to make this work. I don't know what to think can someone please give me some insight?

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    What an uncomfortable position to be in - it's not nice to have so much insecurity in your relationship, particularly when you're on the verge of huge life changes. How is the communication with your partner usually - is it unusual that you should find him so hard to read?

    Wed 8, Mar 2017 at 9:47am