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I'm in love with someone other than my boyfriend

Posted by: Anonymous
Tue 1, Aug 2017 at 6:30pm
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Around a year ago a guy started coming into the local pub I work in, as soon as he first walked in I was attracted to him, not only for his looks but because to me he is the most kind, caring, beautiful on both the inside and out...he is perfect in my eyes. Whilst getting to know him I discovered that he has a girlfriend of 5 years who he had recently become engaged to, this broke my heart a little as I was slowly falling for him. He was coming into the pub every other day which allowed him to build up a close friendship with my Stepdad. A few months later this guy pulled me to one side whilst I was working and told me that he liked me, that he only came in this pub to see me which is why he would only come in on the days I worked. He said he knew it was wrong but he couldnt help his feelings towards me, I told him that I felt the same way and that I would wait for him, we carried on talking and seeing each other but nothing ever happened between us as he was engaged to someone else. But a few months ago I came to the realisation that I had been waiting for this guy for over a year and he hadnt done anything about it so I decided to move on myself, I have now been with my boyfriend for just under 2 months and everything was fine until this guy had messaged me saying he had left his fiancee for me and wanted me to leave my boyfriend for him, I want to be with him but how do I break up with my boyfriend without hurting him too much? I love this other guy and I only got with my boyfriend as a distraction, I feel so bad but I cant help who I love

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  • User-anonymous Irishguy Flag

    I feel your pain but on the other side on the isle - Married for over 20 years - kids mortgage leave it to beaver mentality - Same typical patter day in and day out - until i met her - the one person who even after 4 years of being together still make you feel like the first day. that one person who puts YOU first and not everything else BUT you.

    NOT I have a decision to make - do i spend the rest of my life comfortable or do I spend it with passion and excitement. there is a certain solace in the day to day pattern of life but you have to ask yourself in 10 years is that what you want or do you want something more.

    In my case I want something so I am looking for an exit strategy that minimizes pain for all,,,, BUT,,,, this is the type of thing where will be felt - there is not getting around that - he is going to hurt -

    Thu 3, Aug 2017 at 2:24pm