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I sent a pic of myself in lingerie to my guy friend and my bf is mad?

Posted by: Amanda2828
Thu 17, Aug 2017 at 1:39am
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I love my bf. But on the night before or anniversary I sent my guy friend a pic of me in lingerie and he sent me one fully clothed. My friend said damn you look sexy as hell and I said he looked cute. My bf found this out and is mad. I hid the fact that i had a bf to my friend because he gives me lots of money and my bf knows this and hates it. I still think it is normal for me to be able to send Guts sexy pics of me and flirtatious talk to them. What do u people think honestly?

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  • User-anonymous HarryKaduch Flag

    Hi Amanda,

    ask yourself a question, please. What's the most important thing for you at the moment? Is it love or money?
    Whatever your inner answer is, that's the way you need to follow.

    If you chose love, please give up on money from the other guy, prove to your boyfriend that you love him and that you made mistake and ask him to forgive you. There are tons of ways on how to earn money on this world so I believe in you that you can work somewhere to have the needed money.

    If you chose money, please break up with your boyfriend. It will be fair to let him know what your preferences are and that this relationship would not work between you two. It will be better for both of you. He will not be mad and will find another girl and you can focus on sending photos to guys if you like.

    As for me, it is very bad to do such a thing to your partner (not to mention it was one day before your anniversary day).

    Good luck,
    Harry Kaduch

    Thu 17, Aug 2017 at 9:56pm