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I dont know what to do next

Posted by: sullyloves
Tue 8, Aug 2017 at 8:41am
Sex/Intimacy and romance, Affairs and Jealousy, Getting on Better with my Partner, Communications in relationships, Sex and Affairs

Hi All

And thanks for taking the time to read, if you do,
Really I'm just looking for some outside eyes on my relationship,
I am with my girlfriend over 10 years (lesbian relationship) and I think am very much in love and lust with her, which makes this all the harder,
As she unfortunately does not feel the same and never wants to have sex ever with me,this has been happening for the last 6 years slowely getting worse, to now having sex once every 3 or so months,
I love my girlfriend and still find her as attractive.
I don't know what to do the rejection is heartbreaking and I just don't think she cares even doh she tells me she loves and is attracted to me,
I suppose I don't know if I should carry on she won't discuss or try to fix this,sometimes I think it's not important enough for her, plus me catching her with a guy kissing kinda didn't help with my confidence,
I don't want to tar my girlfriend as bad as I said I really love her I just don't know how to fix this or even if I can anymore,

Sorry for rambling so much xx thanks

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  • User-anonymous MelaninMagic Flag

    Hi Sullyloves,
    I think you have been very patiant with your partner in regards to her not wanting to have sex with you very often but I do think you are possibly ignoring some red flags. I would be very concerned that she does not want to discuss the issue with you or seek any help. ask yourself this question, is she your partner or a friend?. The other concern is "why was she kissing a guy"?. have you discussed this with her. I am not surprised this is affecting your confidence and maybe question how committed she really is to your relationship. do you think she has been faithful to you? I wasn't sure if your partner is bisexual or not? from my understanding of lesbians, they are really uncomfortable with being intimate with the opposite sex. I really feel for you and I hope you can get some can get answers soon. In the meanwhile think about what you want from any relationship you get into and concentrate on working on yourself first. Everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship including yourself.
    good luck

    Thu 10, Aug 2017 at 9:24am
  • User-anonymous mccatio Flag


    Thu 10, Aug 2017 at 11:35am
  • User-anonymous mccatio Flag

    hi dear

    i read your post and i was so touched i know how you feel now because i was also in this kind of situation with my partner some years back before i find a way to solve it out and today we are happily married together. i want you to know that love cannot be deny because ou will keep thinking of her and will never be happy until you have her back in your life. i would love to share my story with you and also the tips and solution that helped me win back my partner. would love you to email me on my email so we can talk better and i let you know what to do ok this will surely help you i assure you that. this is my mail mccartkatty @ gmail. com i need you to message me so i can let you know what to do

    Thu 10, Aug 2017 at 11:42am