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I don't know how I feel.

Posted by: Anonymous
Sun 1, Jan 2017 at 7:41am
Finding Time for Each Other, Sex/Intimacy and romance, Getting on Better with my Partner

Let me start by saying I often read too much into things and cause more issues then are there. However, I can not shake this feeling that something is up or going on. Ever since we found out my wife was pregnant our sex life deminished, literally the whole 9 months I can count with my fingers, and I don't need many on my 2nd hand to count the number of times we were intimate. It is now about 6 and a half weeks since she had the baby and still nothing. All I ever hear from women that are super horny during pregnancy? At times I feel like I am being a bad husband for wanting to be intimate with my wife and for getting upset with her for not wanting to. Am I being
A bad husband? I try to do all I can to make her day easier, I always see what she needs and when I'm out on errands I make sure I bring her home her snacks she likes ( cherry coke fountain soda). At this point I don't know how to feel.

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    Hello. Your situation is probably a lot more common than you think. While it may be true that some women are super horny (as you put it) during pregnancy, everyone's different, and some women feel quite the opposite. for many women, pregnancy can reduce sexual desire - possibly due to a change in hormonal levels, or a loss of confidence around her changing body shape, or even a fear of hurting the baby. There are many possible reasons, and it's important not to take it personally, even though it may be frustrating for you.

    After the birth, these factors can continue. She may be in pain, or worried that sex could cause pain - plus you're both now very busy adjusting to the change of having a baby in the house, and tired from disrupted sleep. It could take her some time to feel ready to start having sex again. This is normal.

    Have you tried talking to your wife about how you feel? Perhaps there are other ways you could be intimate - or at least she might be able to quell your worries by letting you know how she feels.

    Fri 6, Jan 2017 at 10:48am