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I dont feel loved by my boyfriend

Posted by: Anonymous
Sat 17, Jan 2009 at 9:03pm
Getting on Better with my Partner

I have been with my boyfriend for four years, from quite a young age and we have always been up and down but this time its really bad. i am such an insecure person about everything and worry about everything. it all started from me not trusting him from stuff in the past and i know he wouldnt cheat but i have a niggling feeling inside that will never go away. he knows exactly how i feel because i tell him all the time as thats the way i have been bought up, but he seems to not want to know, and he does the opposite to what im saying i need. he has changed so much and i miss who he was before. I am not strong enough to end it with him, but i just dont feel loved and constantly crying and needing a cuddle. the last time i felt this way i strayed ... which didnt help things but im just scared im going to again, because i hate myself for it, but i just need the love and affection from him. he always expects me to wait around for him so sort it, it can never be done my way. pleeeease how can i stop being so insecure?

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  • User-anonymous nic23 Flag

    hi, just thought id reply to this as i kinda know how you feel to an extent. Im always nagging my boyfriend for kisses and cuddles and your right thats what makes you feel loved. I think men are just different from women you know, perhaps naggin them just pushes them away because they feel pressurised to be a certain way. Maybe he feels your criticising him when you're telling him you need more from him, Id suggest telling yourself not to ask him for anything for a few days or so and let him come to you instead of havin to chase him, cause i know how tiring it is! As for the suspicions, dont ruin the times you have now worrying about what might not ever even happen. If it happens, it happens, worrying about it wont make any difference, give him the benefit of the doubt and your relationship may change. I hope so anyways, good luck

    Sun 18, Jan 2009 at 9:58pm