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I cant talk to my partner

Posted by: Anonymous
Tue 14, Mar 2017 at 8:42am
Money, Housework, Making a Commitment

Ive been with my boyfriend for around four years. I am really bothered by the fact we cant talk about anything heavy with out it becoming a fight and resulting in me getting the silent -passive aggressive- treatment for days. I want my name to be on our house. We have owned it for nearly 3 years but its in his name. When we bought it i did not have a steady job and was not approved for a loan. Therefore its his house. In his name, he makes the payments. I pay the bills etc but i find it hurtful that if ever he is engaged in conversation with anyone he makes a point of saying its HIS house. Not only does this not acknowledge my presence in the entire process of buying the house (not to mention our 4yr relationship) but it makes him seem financially superior. I feel he always waves his income over me. Im at university and am only working casually in retail. At this stage though i could afford to half the housing payment and put it in my name as well. I told him this and he said no and got angry. I feel like im living with someone who is constantly trying to pull rank over me. I hate it and i cant talk about anything important. Should i even bother with this relationship.

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    Well that does not sound very healthy. A relationship, especially one as long as yours, should have a balance. One should not have more superiority than the other and more importantly wave it in front of the other's face the way being done to you. I am not sure about telling you whether or not you should end it but, perhaps make a list of pros and cons and hopefully there you find your answer. Best of luck to you.

    Sat 18, Mar 2017 at 10:22pm