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How to move on...

Posted by: Anonymous
Sat 25, Feb 2012 at 5:13pm
Affairs and Jealousy

Hi Everyone

I'm new here, so im sorry if its posted in the wrong bit.

Ok so, been with my boyfriend 1yr 1/2 now, and my god has alot happened in that time, we had no where near a good start to our relationship, i thought it was all perfect, little did i know i was being took for a mug and being cheated on for the first 3 month, anyways we sorted it out and i chose to forgive him. Few more ups and downs in the relationship, and we started to sort things out and move on. Until June last year, when he got sent to prison for 2 years, at first i was 110% behind him, it felt like my life had smashed into pieces, i couldnt eat or sleep for weeks! Now i've got used to life without him, i'm now struggling with forgetting all the hurt he caused me. I'm thinking we need some sort of relationship counselling as i feel so close to just giving up, this nightmare is taking every bit of my energy, emotionally, physically and mentally - it should be my 2 kids draining me of energy (age 4 and 2)! Every day at some point, i get upset about how he hurt me, i cant seem to move on from it, and i cant seem to let it go. I know it must be hard for him too to constantly hear me going on, but he did make me this way!

I'm wondering, if anyone has any advice how to get past this, to try and move on, or anything we/i can do to sort out what seems to be a messed up head :( any advice welcome - thanks in advance x

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    You sound like you are really suffering. Do you have anyone close to you who would listen and support you? You have an awful lot to cope with.

    Mon 27, Feb 2012 at 8:55pm