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Help. Is my partner of 6 years going to leave me again?

Posted by: Anonymous
Tue 25, Jul 2017 at 2:57pm
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My boyfriend and I met 6 years ago over social media we lived two hours away from each other.. he left me after 8 months for a few weeks then everything was fine... after us being together 2.5 years he left me again, this time for 7 months,he then wanted me back, promised the things he thought before he didnt feel anymore, said he was scared of commitment but realised he really wanted to be with me and wouldn't hurt me again.. I took him back and its been amazing.. he took me to New York as a surprise and lots more.. He then kept messing up doing stupid things, He begged for forgiveness and I forgave. He did something pretty big two years ago and said it was a reality check and he would never do anything again, and for two years he hasn't. We bought a house together a year ago, and there has been arguments here and there about things he'd done.. A few days ago he came out with "He doesn't feel like we are together anymore, he feels like he's single, he doesn't see a future with us because of all the hurt he's caused me and so on.. ) he's been stressed at work recently and he doesn't have a proper social life as all his friends live two hours from us and he works in a different city to where we live). I don't understand what is happening and why he's saying all this now... We have a two week holiday booked in 5 weeks and he says he still wants to go as he thinks it will be good for us? I don't understand why when he says he doesn't think he wants to be with me? He's now away for a few days and I asked if he wanted to not speak whilst he's away as he said he wanted space.... he said yes... So i don't speak, then 12 hours later he text me asking if I'm ok and telling me where he's heading to that evening... I didn't reply to this (this was last night) and I haven't heard anything since... Yet he's watching my snapchat stories. I'm so confused. can someone please shed some light on this..

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    I asked why he wanted me back twice after leaving me and he said its what he thought he wanted, he says I shouldn't have took him back, but when he wanted me back he virtually begged me.

    Tue 25, Jul 2017 at 3:07pm