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Heart broken, and Confused

Posted by: Anonymous
Tue 13, Jun 2017 at 2:11am
Bringing up Children Together, Life transitions, Communications in relationships, A Psychologist's Perspective, Living Apart Together

I have been dating my guy for 7 years . I been engaged three times we never lived together but he managed to get his own place without me never seeing where he stayed. There has been a lot of good days and bad days just like any relationship we argue we say things we don't like but end up apologizing about it. About a week ago I broke up with him because our relationship isn't going forward we not moving together or getting married I'm at a age where I'm getting old and I want a husband and another child but he's using my child that's not his because she has behavior issues he doesn't want to do it . She's getting the proper help but he's just not with it. So with confiding in him for so many years and telling him my deep dark secrets and my everyday life because we talked everyday. He decides to call the cops on me and state serious allegations that can get my kids taken and me locked up. We have a almost two year old and since I can't have no contact with him I put him o child support so he will be able to take care of his kids tell me why do I get a paper saying he wants to do a paternity test because he believes the child isn't his. I love him but I never in a million years thought he will do this to me I always been there for him I would give him my last if I had it. I'm hurt that he's going this far but it hurts worst that he's doing this to our daughter. So now we in court over stupid stuff because he wants to see me hurt and everything taken from me. Somebody please help me understand when things not his way he hurts me in the worst way. But we both are a cause and effect to each other the difference is I will never do what he's doing to me now. I thought he loved me I guess deep down he didn't. Why me??:

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