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He is mad

Posted by: Anonymous
Tue 16, May 2017 at 11:00pm

My boyfriend of 2 yrs broke up with me after Easter weekend. He said he was unhappy and uncomfortable in the relationship. This was after a fun filled weekend with his family.

This was my 1st time hearing this although I felt things had changed. He would go cold/hot and whenever I asked what's wrong he said nothing.

He would go home for the weekend and I wouldn't hear from him. When I told him this bothered me or anything he did bothered me he would not speak to me from hours. He never communicated very well and couldn't take being told he did something wrong.

I stopped saying anything about his actions that bothered me so we rarely had issues b/c I kept it to myself.

So after he broke up with me for not being happy. I emailed him to question how he couldn't be happy when if I cooked I made him plate, baked his favorite desserts, surprised him with lunch at work, if he needed me I was there for him. I didn't complain and wasn't needy. I have my own friends and didn't have a problem if he hung out with his friends, just check in while you're out so I know you're safe. But I had surgery & you didn't come see me for 2 weeks, my car broke down after bringing you lunch and you did nothing, I asked you to do some minor repairs around my house, change locks, tighten screws, change window treatments and nothing. For Valentine's day he gave me a card & subway gift card....I don't realky like subway.

I know it's like why stay in this relationship but he wasn't like this in the beginning. He definitely changed & I thought if I was the perfect girlfriend he would go back to how he was in the beginning.

He has what he wants. Out of the relationship so he should be happy. Mural friends called me and told me he didn't seem happy, he posted somewhat depressing comments on social media & now he is talking about me. He has since blocked me on all social media outlets. I'm ok with relationship being over b/c I know it's for the best but why he so mad with me

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  • Cc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    I'm sorry you haven't had a reply to your post so far.
    I'm not sure what to add to what seems like a reasonable decision on your part- to end the relationship.
    You may not need me to tell you that relationships often start off very exciting and romantic and then change over time. The truth is, most of us quite naturally show our best sides when we first fall in love and want to impress someone. But we're real people - warts and all- and most of us can't conceal these for ever. So, that might be an explanation for why things didn't stay the way they were at the beginning.
    The other thing I want to say is that it isn't your fault that he seems so angry with you. We can't speculate about the reasons for him changing towards you - only he can discover that.

    Wed 24, May 2017 at 7:56am