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Fiance financially caring for his family

Posted by: Anonymous
Fri 14, Jul 2017 at 4:33pm
Money, Sex/Intimacy and romance, Friends & Family, Getting on Better with my Partner, Communications in relationships

My fiance of 3 years (dated two before that) has been supporting his family financially since he got his first job. He has a younger brothef who also works that contibutes nothing. Since we moved in together, he has increased the money he sends them twice (they don't live with us).

His parents dropped out of high school when his mom became pregnant and they have a flat which brings them in a monthly income. His mother's health is too bad to work and his father can't seem to find a job. He is sending them a third of his salary and we live together so it's gotten to a point where we take out loans to make ends meet. When he gets a raise, he increases the money he sends to them. I am worried because they might need a old-age home in a few years so what should I do it this keeps impacting us fonancially?

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