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Dancing and a tiny bit of flirting...

Posted by: mrpancho
Tue 8, Aug 2017 at 2:08am
Affairs and Jealousy, Getting on Better with my Partner, Communications in relationships

So last week I went out to a bar with a mate to have a few drinks. I don't know him great, but we've been hanging out with once in a while. We had some drinks and ran into a large group of acquaintances of his that I had met before. They were going out dancing (not normally my thing) so we tagged along. We ended up at a dance club, got wasted and danced most of the night. I danced with everyone, but probably half the night with one girl and some of the night with another girl. They were both cute and flirted with me a bit (there was definitely interest) but I am in a relationship and was just having fun.

I told my partner (10 years, 2 kids) and she got pissed at me. She said it made her feel weird and jealous that I had danced most of the night with a stranger while she wasn't there and that I should be more protective of our relationship.
She said that I should not put myself in a position where something could happen that would come between us. I told her it was nothing, we were just having fun and it felt like she was being controlling. She asked how I would feel if the situation was reversed. I said I would be fine with that.

Am I out of line?

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  • User-anonymous Irishguy Flag

    10 year 2 kids - YEP - you are out of line - I get it though - you dike the attention - you hate the day to day grind of life - she is into the kids more than you. You miss the attention - but YEP you are out of line

    Tell her that you come first and kids comes second - thats the way it is supposed to be - keep in ind that also mean she comes first and the everything else comes second to her -

    Put a ring on that finger and commit

    47/m/married 24 years - 3 kids

    Mon 14, Aug 2017 at 2:10pm