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Posted by: Anonymous
Mon 2, Jan 2017 at 11:01pm
what to do what to do

okay, so i am in a relationship right now with this guy that i like but the thing is i like this other guy more then i like my own boyfriend i told my friend awhile back that i liked this guy and they ended up getting together a week or so after i told her she told me that she has liked him since 7th and 8th grade so i didn't bother her about it but the truth is it bothers me more then anything and i don't want to hurt her by being in love with her boyfriend so i got in this relationship with this boy who liked me in hopes that he could make me forget the feelings that i have had for this guy but the more i am around this guy the more i thank about the person i want to be with and yet can't have he says he likes me but the thing is he doesn't like me more then his girlfriend like i like him more then my boyfriend what am i suppose to do i really want to be with him but yet can't but most of all i don't want to hurt my boyfriend because i do love him enough to not want him to ever get hurt especially by me

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  • Cc jaybee (moderator) Flag

    Thanks for your post. This must be a really difficult situation for you. I think you may be realising that being with your current boyfriend is not the solution to your feelings about this other guy.
    Well done for acknowledging that you do have some feelings for your boyfriend and that he deserves not to be hurt by you. If you were in his shoes and knew or sensed that the person you were with wasn't really 'there', that they had someone else on their mind, what would you want them to do?

    Thu 12, Jan 2017 at 9:43am