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cheated on by girlfriend behind back help please

Posted by: Anonymous
Fri 16, Jul 2010 at 8:16am
Sex/Intimacy and romance, Affairs and Jealousy, Making a Commitment

I had been going out with my girl friend as of yesterday for 13months and i love her still. a month ago i thought she cheated on my and there was evidence to suggest it. but she swore to me that nothing happened and the guy did too. then yesterday we broke up and i ended it, then she called me and told me about how she slept with this guy twice, the next time a week later. a few days earlier i was at my friends 18th and it was very weird as then everyone knew about it but i didnt, and my ex knew everyone knew but did not tell me and she went and slept in the guys car all night. i said some really really horrid things to her, i was furious and punched a hole in mu cupboard and am heartbroken, yet i still love her and she says she cant forgive herself, and tonight she is going to the guys 18th party and he told me he likes her, i dont know what to do, all my friends are telling me to leave it but i really dont know coz i cant stand her being with anyone else what do i do?????

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  • User-anonymous Anonymous Flag

    Dear Anonymous,
    It sounds like you're really hurting - not only finished with your girlfriend but she then carried on hurting you by talking about sleeping with your friend - not once but several times. If this had happened to a friend of your's, I wonder what you'd advise them to do? My guess is that you'd tell him to leave her alone so he didn't get even more hurt. It's hard to get over someone, but it sounds like she's not interested in you any more and you'll just end up feeling bad if you keep thinking about her with other guys. Good luck, and stay strong!

    Mon 19, Jul 2010 at 6:26am
  • User-anonymous leanneepowell Flag

    well this would really hurt meif this was my position and i think as comments earlier said you need to move on and forget about her yes it will be the hardest thing to do but having friends around you and going out keeping buisy will help you i think if someone is once a cheat always a cheet and if she needs someonelse's satisfaction then let her because you can da lot better than a cheat its hard for me to say because i dont know eather of you but you need to move on now and leave her to get herself a name that she alraidy got ( a cheat ) atleast ur deasant and admitted to loving her thats something good abbout you right there go out enjy yourself and you'l be fine dont stay in alone because this will make you want her more  good look :) and dont let yourself run after her by the sounds of i shes not worth it

    Mon 26, Jul 2010 at 10:54am