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To share more and have more time together

Relationships need to be looked after on a regular basis. Partners in a happy relationship make a point of spending time together and when they can’t – keeping in touch. But it isn’t just about time together the quality of the way we interact is all important.


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    Partners in a happy relationship make a point of spending time together, and when they can’t - keeping in touch. Quality time with our partners and families isn’t just about putting time aside at the weekend or planning a night out or trip away. It’s also about the quality of the way we interact with one another. Those small unprompted things - a smile, a compliment, offering a
    cup of tea – things we say and do on a daily basis can mean a great deal; that we feel understood, valued and cared for.
    Almost without knowing it, we regularly seek our partner's attention, affection, humour or support in an effort to stay close and feel cared for. Every time we respond to our partners in this way, turning to them instead of turning away, we're staying connected. Getting this right involves making an effort to know our partner better. This isn’t about grand gestures on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. This is about all the little things that can bring you closer and strengthen the quality of your connection. That way you’ll have plenty of good positive feelings stored up, reserves that can help pull you through the difficult times.

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    As with most things, if relationships are to work well, they need to be looked after on a regular basis. Relationships do not maintain themselves! We’re more likely to enjoy our time together when we make the effort to do things that make each other’s lives easier and happier. Happy couples tend to have rituals in their relationships that are valued and enjoyed by each partner. There is something very soothing about habits and routines that make us feel good and comforted. Doing things that make you both feel more supported and cared for is key to finding rituals that work for you as a couple. For example, a peak time for arguments is when couples meet up at the end of a busy day, so trying to manage that time better is a big part of good relationship maintenance.
    Doing things that create stability in your relationship doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to spontaneity. A happy stable relationship isn’t all about ‘routine’. Introducing the element of surprise and variety keeps our relationships pleasurable, but having a good stable base can help
    make our spontaneous acts and surprises more successful.

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    This quiz gets you thinking about how you feel in your relationship and about your partner as an individual. There are six questions to answer – of the three available answers, choose the one that most fits how you feel

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