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Knowing Me, Knowing You

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  • What is our partner's favourite food?

    Answers: A big sticky dessert, A roast dinner, Take away
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  • How would your partner describe their taste in music?

    Answers: They might be old but not past it - up with all the latest stuff!, Eclectic, Rely on the kids to keep up to date
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  • How does your partner like to relax?

    Answers: Veg out in front of the TV, Long hot bath, Big glass of wine
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  • Phobias - my partner is most scared of...

    Answers: Spiders, Needles, Heights
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  • What stresses your partner out the most?

    Answers: Rude people, Traffic jams, Their boss
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  • What do you think winds your partner up the most about you?

    Answers: Annoying habits, When you are late, The fact your phone never stops bleeping
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  • If your partner could change one thing about life what would it be?

    Answers: More money, More time, Work
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  • What does your partner most dislike about their appearance?

    Answers: Their height, Their weight, Their hair
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