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  • Half of UK couples argue about household clutter

    12 Jan 12:40 by admin

    According to a new survey by the Big Yellow Storage company, half of British couples have an average of 32 arguments a year about clutter The study of over 2,000 cohabiting couples a... (continued)

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  • Marriage could stave off midlife crisis, study suggests

    09 Jan 10:47 by admin

    Researchers examining life satisfaction before and during marriage have found that being in a committed union can help you navigate a midlife crisis. The research, published by the N... (continued)

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  • Britain sees increase in single child families

    08 Jan 10:31 by admin

    One-child families are on the up in Britain, signalling an end to the classic 2.4 children family set-up. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), over half of UK famili... (continued)

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  • Scotland’s oldest married couple celebrate 78 years of marriage

    07 Jan 11:04 by admin

    Scotland’s oldest married couple have celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary. Robert (103) and Susan Erskine (102), from Bo’ness tied the knot on the 1st of January 1937.... (continued)

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  • People trust their partner more than friends and family, study reveals

    06 Jan 11:05 by admin

    A recent study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by the Social Enterprise Mark CIC, has found that adults put more faith in their partner than any other person. The poll found that six i... (continued)

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  • January 5th dubbed ‘most adulterous day of the year’

    05 Jan 15:54 by admin

    Could today be the most adulterous day of the year? According to the UK’s leading dating site for married people, Monday 5th January is the day people are most likely to cheat on ... (continued)

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  • Quarter of British parents ‘secretly consider divorce or separation’

    02 Jan 12:17 by admin

    A quarter (26%) of British parents who currently live with their partner and children have secretly considered separating from or divorcing their partner, according to new research from... (continued)

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  • Study finds potential pitfall of weight loss for couples

    31 Dec 09:05 by admin

    After the bells ring in the New Year, many of us resolve to make healthy changes in our life. Some of us join a gym, others decide to set themselves a strict diet for the next twelve mo... (continued)

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  • Couple Connection: Top ten relationship blogs of 2014

    30 Dec 09:38 by admin

    As 2014 draws to a close, the team at theCoupleConnection has been busy compiling the top ten blogs of the year. Let us know what topics you’d like our blogs to cover in 2015 i... (continued)

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  • Merry Christmas from theCoupleConnection team!

    25 Dec 12:10 by admin

    TheCoupleConnection team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We hope that your day runs smoothly – but remember, if the day turns sour and you need someone to ta... (continued)

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  • Couple Connection poll results: What do you argue about most at Christmas?

    24 Dec 12:39 by admin

    For the past couple of weeks we’ve been asking what you tend to argue most about Christmas – and the results are in! Our snap poll found that a harmonious minority (9%) o... (continued)

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  • Couples with teenage children at risk of breaking up over ‘lost youth envy’

    24 Dec 12:39 by admin

    A new survey by the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) has found that older couples with teenage children are at risk of splitting due to ‘lost youth envy’. ... (continued)

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  • Controlling behaviour in relationships now classed as domestic abuse

    23 Dec 09:33 by admin

    The UK government has implemented a new law that makes ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’ in a couple relationship a domestic abuse offense. People found guilty of such... (continued)

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  • New survey finds 4% regret cheating on partner at office party

    22 Dec 10:42 by admin

    It’s the end of another year, you and your colleagues are in high spirits, the wine is flowing, inhibitions have lowered, and suddenly – you’re kissing Bob from accoun... (continued)

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  • First same-sex marriages in Scotland take place as couples convert civil partnerships

    19 Dec 11:24 by admin

    Same-sex couples in Scotland who are in a civil partnership are now able to convert it into a marriage.  A change in law also means that same-sex couples wishing to get married ... (continued)

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  • Get free relationship support this Christmas

    18 Dec 15:59 by admin

    People don’t stop having relationship problems just because it’s Christmas. In fact, for many people the festive period can be one of the most difficult and stressful tim... (continued)

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  • Traditional Christmas pastimes in decline, survey suggests

    17 Dec 10:54 by admin

    Christmas traditions like playing board games and turkey dinners could be becoming less popular, according to a new study. Over a third of people polled by the Salvation Army said th... (continued)

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  • Is using pornography damaging your sex life?

    16 Dec 12:00 by admin

    In some couple relationships, when one partner feels like their sexual needs aren't being met by the other, they will turn to pornography. But men who regularly watch porn are mo... (continued)

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  • 20% of us worry about Christmas spending, survey finds

    15 Dec 12:40 by admin

    Christmas is a time for celebrating and getting together with family members - but it can have its pressures too. A new poll from Holiday Autos has researched some of the top stresse... (continued)

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  • Couple Connection poll results: How are you spending Christmas this year?

    12 Dec 14:31 by admin

    Earlier this month we asked you how you spend Christmas in a snap poll – and the results are in! Our poll found that 61% of you spend every Christmas together without fail, and... (continued)

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  • Does ‘revenge sex’ help people get over breakups?

    11 Dec 12:22 by admin

    The belief that people whose partners have broken up with them are more likely to sleep with someone else as a form of ‘revenge’ or ‘rebound’ sex is true, accord... (continued)

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  • Pre-marriage support for same-sex couples

    10 Dec 12:13 by admin

    The right to marry for same-sex couples is still relatively new, with the first weddings taking place in the Spring this year. And from today all couples have the right to marry in E... (continued)

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  • Is your smartphone running your relationship?

    09 Dec 14:10 by admin

    A new study from Brigham Young University suggests that the excessive use of smartphones and other technology is causing ‘technoference’ in people’s relationships.&nbs... (continued)

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  • Half of men feel depressed over Christmas

    08 Dec 15:28 by admin

    We're expected to be full of festive cheer at Christmas, but a new survey has found that nearly half of men feel depressed or sad at this time of year. An online poll by the Sama... (continued)

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  • Celebrity relationship advice: Claudia Winkleman

    05 Dec 13:11 by admin

    Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman has spoken about how she and her husband  Kris Thykier make an effort to make their marriage and home life work. The couple hav... (continued)

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