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  • Pride 2015: Same-sex parents are just as good at raising kids

    25 Jun 16:12 by admin

    With June being Pride Month, and this weekend seeing the London Pride Parade 2015, millions across the globe and hundreds of thousands of people in our capital will be celebrating diver... (continued)

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  • The more financially dependant partner is more likely to cheat

    23 Jun 16:27 by admin

    When couples take home different sized pay packets it can become a source of tension in the relationship. That probably won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone, but new researc... (continued)

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  • When sex drives go out of sync

    19 Jun 09:38 by admin

    Here at the CoupleConnection, one of the most common issues that people want support with is a mismatch in sex drives with their partner. As long term relationships progress, couples... (continued)

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  • One in ten have forgotten a partner’s birthday

    16 Jun 09:06 by admin

    Men are more forgetful than women and one in five say they have been in trouble with their partners for forgetting something important. A study of 2,000 Brits, conducted by the insur... (continued)

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  • Help us develop new emotional support for parents

    15 Jun 14:13 by admin

    OnePlusOne are seeking the views of separated parents to help develop a new resource aimed at dealing with the emotional aspects of separation. We are working to develop a free ... (continued)

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  • The effect of women’s stress on older men’s health

    02 Jun 16:08 by admin

    A study has shown that middle-aged and older men are more likely to have higher blood pressure when their wives are feeling more stressed out. The study, which evaluated over 1,000 c... (continued)

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  • More people turning to GPs for relationship support

    22 May 16:24 by admin

    Relationship problems are now the most common social issues addressed by GPs, according to the results of a new survey. A Citizens Advice survey of 800 GPs in England has revealed th... (continued)

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  • Is debt keeping you in an unhappy relationship?

    20 May 10:08 by admin

    The results of a recent survey suggest that nearly a fifth of people have stayed in a relationship because of financial difficulties. The Debt Advisory Centre, a provider of debt hel... (continued)

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  • 41% say 26-30 is the ideal age to settle down

    11 May 09:14 by admin

    41% of respondents to a survey into relationship milestones feel that 26-30 is the ideal age to settle down and marry. The survey, carried out by Ladbrokes Bingo, asked 1,000 adults ... (continued)

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  • When caring for your partner’s aging parents is hurting your relationship

    07 May 15:42 by admin

    Caring for your parents as they get older can put pressure on your relationship with your partner. It becomes especially difficult if you are not the partner whose parents are elderly o... (continued)

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  • How common is it for partners to want sex at different times?

    05 May 08:52 by admin

    As you may have already read in our blog post about how there might be no such thing as a sex drive, sex is not always straightforward, even in loving and committed relationships. New s... (continued)

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  • MS Week 2015: How will MS affect our relationship?

    01 May 15:53 by admin

    During MS Week, we are looking at how multiple sclerosis (MS) can affect your relationship, and what you and your partner can do to maintain a strong, loving connection. The MS Socie... (continued)

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  • In love and living apart: the surprising health benefits of a long-distance marriage

    01 May 10:31 by admin

    Imagine someone being in love, married and totally committed to their partner, and then imagine that person choosing out of their own free will to live apart from them for a couple of d... (continued)

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  • Sliders, deciders and the hazards of Ikea: should I move in with my partner?

    30 Apr 16:44 by admin

    Relationships have many important milestones: first date, first kiss, the declaration of the L word... But for many people, moving in together is when it gets really serious. Committing... (continued)

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  • Depression Awareness Week: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Relationship

    27 Apr 09:41 by admin

    There’s no two ways about it: being apart from the person you love is hard. While absence might make the heart grow fonder, it also feeds loneliness – and loneliness is a bi... (continued)

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  • Does your partner’s snoring drive you crazy?

    23 Apr 08:58 by admin

    If your sleep is disturbed by a partner who snores, you might be interested to know that this week is National Stop Snoring Week (20th - 25th April). The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoe... (continued)

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  • People with high-powered jobs more likely to be unfaithful, new study suggests

    22 Apr 08:43 by admin

    A new study in the Journal of Sex Research (published here) has discovered a correlation between your job and your willingness to be unfaithful. Dr Joris Lammers surveyed 610 heteros... (continued)

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  • How divorce could literally break your heart

    17 Apr 16:17 by admin

    The link between divorce and stress is obvious: the break-up of a relationship is an incredibly painful experience. But a recent study cited in the Independent this week (15th April) ha... (continued)

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  • Judge calls for blame-free divorce options

    16 Apr 10:44 by admin

    Most people going through the pain and paperwork of divorce just want it over as quickly as possible. This week, Britain’s most senior female judge Lady Hale has stated( 1) that m... (continued)

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  • Love on the autistic spectrum

    15 Apr 16:04 by admin

    Imagine meeting an attractive stranger at a bar. You try striking up conversation but struggle to decode their body language or facial expressions. For many on the autistic spectrum loo... (continued)

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  • There’s no such thing as a sex drive

    10 Apr 08:43 by admin

    If your partner always seems in the mood for sex, but you don’t, then you might think you have a low sex drive? Well, you may not even have a sex drive, according to Emily Nagoski... (continued)

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  • Charles and Camilla’s tenth wedding anniversary shows how Britain has changed

    09 Apr 14:25 by admin

    Ten years ago today Prince Charles married his second wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. At the time, the Palace was uncertain about how people would react to this news. With the most recent f... (continued)

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  • Happy anniversary! Gay marriage one year on

    08 Apr 16:24 by admin

    Last week marked one year since the legalisation of gay marriage. The Same Sex (Marriage) Act came into force on 13th March 2014 with the first couples able to tie the knot at one minut... (continued)

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  • No sex please, we’re British?

    07 Apr 08:52 by admin

    ‘Is everyone having more sex than me?’ is probably a question most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. This week a survey has revealed the honest, and slightl... (continued)

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  • PlusBaby is OnePlusOne’s new service for new parents

    30 Mar 15:02 by admin

    When I first started working at OnePlusOne and researching the so-called ‘transition to parenthood’ and the effect that having a baby has on your relationship, I laughed tha... (continued)

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