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  • Does your work affect your relationships at home?

    19 Jul 13:08 by admin

    We know that stress at home gets carried over into the workplace and vice versa. It can form a negative spiral that impacts relationships with our partner and our children as we... (continued)

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  • Baby advice for new parents

    19 Jul 12:18 by admin

    Expecting a baby? Just welcomed a newborn? Congratulations! Becoming a parent is the start of one of life’s most rewarding experiences. But nothing can really fully prepar... (continued)

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  • Are you emotionally intelligent?

    18 May 08:03 by admin

      What would make you happier: a sought-after salary or an enduring relationship? According to one piece of research, a long-term marriage actually has the psychic benefit of an... (continued)

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  • How important is sex in a relationship?

    29 Mar 23:00 by admin

    Working hard is causing mayhem for parents’ love lives, according to a new survey by family website  Over 60% of working parents say they are too exhausted and s... (continued)

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  • Are you and your partner communicating like strangers?

    16 Mar 00:00 by admin

    A psychological study of married couples and strangers has found that although couples think they communicate better with their spouse than other people, the reality can be very diff... (continued)

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  • Will online divorces undermine marriage?

    04 Mar 00:00 by admin

    With around 17 per cent of couples getting married meeting each other online, it’s little wonder some internet-savvy individuals have come up with a quick-click solution for the o... (continued)

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  • Is relationship advice responsible for falling divorce rates?

    17 Feb 00:00 by admin

    New figures published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that divorce rates have fallen for the sixth consecutive year. But do the statistics mean British coupl... (continued)

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  • Try out and tell us what you think!

    01 Feb 00:00 by admin

    What is Ever wondered why there’s always an argument over money? How to finally quash those feelings of jealously? Or simply felt like you’... (continued)

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