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  • Relationships could be the key to happiness

    30 Oct 12:09 by admin

    New research suggests that good personal relationships are one of the most important factors of happiness, along with financial security and a sense of purpose in life. The research,... (continued)

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  • The two words that could save your relationship

    30 Oct 11:08 by admin

    When was the last time you thanked your partner? Research shows that a heartfelt ‘thank you’ might just be the key to maintaining and improving your relationship. A study... (continued)

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  • What makes the perfect partner?

    26 Oct 16:40 by admin

    According to a new survey, the perfect partner is cheerful, supportive, and affectionate. Oh, and they won’t watch ahead on box sets without you. The survey asked 2,000 Brits w... (continued)

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  • How soon should you move in together?

    23 Oct 16:48 by admin

    If you’re thinking about moving in with your partner, it might be worth waiting. New research says that holding off on moving in together could improve your chances of having a mo... (continued)

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  • Pension inequality for same-sex couples

    16 Oct 10:05 by admin

    Pension law has come into question this month as it emerged that different rules apply for same-sex couples wanting to leave something behind for their partners. Same-sex couples hav... (continued)

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  • What your credit score says about your relationships

    14 Oct 16:43 by admin

    We already know that relationship quality is one of the best predictors of human happiness. And now it looks like the success of your relationships could be directly linked to your cred... (continued)

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  • Is laughter the key to a woman’s heart?

    30 Sep 15:46 by admin

    Laughter may be the key to securing a place in your lover’s heart, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Kansas have identified a link between love and lau... (continued)

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  • Younger couples more likely to share financial responsibility

    11 Sep 12:00 by admin

    Men are still more likely than women to manage the household finances, but a new survey suggests this trend is changing among the younger generation. A survey by asked 1,... (continued)

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  • How gay are you?

    20 Aug 09:39 by admin

    Do you identify as straight, or gay, or somewhere in between? A new poll suggests we may be becoming more open-minded about our sexuality as a nation. According to a YouGov poll, nea... (continued)

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  • In gratitude for kissing

    19 Aug 13:38 by admin

    Kissing is something we’ve often taken for granted as a standard part of romance, but scientists have been all over the world and they’ve come back to tell us we were wrong ... (continued)

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  • How changing your attitude could improve your sex life

    14 Aug 14:19 by admin

    Couples are putting so much pressure on themselves to have amazing sex that many are avoiding it all together. A simple shift in thinking could make all the difference. 6,000 UK adul... (continued)

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  • Middle-aged couples argue about money more than anything else

    14 Aug 14:13 by admin

    A survey has shown that money worries are the top cause of rows among middle-aged couples. The money website has published the results of a survey about women and mo... (continued)

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  • Why your crush may be good for your relationship

    07 Aug 10:38 by admin

    Are you in a relationship? Are you also harbouring a secret crush? It turns out this might not be such a bad thing after all. A new American study has shown that having an unspoken c... (continued)

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  • What’s the number one guilt trigger for parents?

    05 Aug 15:04 by admin

    Parents naturally want to give their children as much time as possible, so it’s no surprise that the number one guilt trigger for parents is being too busy. A new survey has re... (continued)

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  • How not to compare your partner to others

    31 Jul 15:13 by admin

    Comparing your partner to other people, and the way you do it, can affect the level of stress and conflict in your relationship. A recent study in Canada called “Comparing You ... (continued)

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  • Making the most of relationship counselling

    31 Jul 11:11 by admin

    A study in Australia has shown that the couples who seek relationship counselling sooner rather than later are more likely to feel the benefits. The study, called "Relationship ... (continued)

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  • How getting married affects your finances

    20 Jul 08:54 by admin

    Aside from the wedding costs, getting married may have some financial implications that you haven’t yet considered. Despite what you may have heard, your credit rating will not... (continued)

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  • Skeletons in the cupboard

    17 Jul 09:16 by admin

    Three in five Brits have a secret they hope nobody will find out, with affairs featuring as the most common ‘skeleton in the cupboard’. A new survey from the makers of ho... (continued)

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  • How to stack a dishwasher properly and save your marriage

    15 Jul 16:27 by admin

    Science may be on the verge of resolving one of life’s greatest sources of conflict – the correct way to load a dishwasher. Couples with dishwashers may be very familiar ... (continued)

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  • Depression often undiagnosed during pregnancy

    09 Jul 15:17 by admin

    One in ten pregnant women experience mental health problems, and often go undiagnosed until after the baby is born. The pregnancy and parenting charity Tommy’s has released a n... (continued)

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  • Happy friendships mean a happier marriage, studies suggest

    08 Jul 08:02 by admin

    It’s great when we love spending time with our partner and feel like two peas in a pod, but studies suggest that mixing with other couples and spending leisure time away from your... (continued)

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  • Love in later life: sex and stigma

    06 Jul 11:06 by admin

    Sex in later life isn’t a popular topic of discussion. This is partly because our culture appears more interested in young faces and glamorised love with the likes of 50 Shades, a... (continued)

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  • Introvert or extrovert? And... does it matter?

    04 Jul 11:47 by admin

    For people engaging in relationships, the shared connection will largely depend on how well you 'get' one another. For this reason, it can be helpful to lear... (continued)

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  • How being humble can make your relationship better

    02 Jul 16:50 by admin

    Sacrificing your own gratification to better meet someone else’s needs doesn’t come easily to all of us, but a new study published this March by the American Psychological A... (continued)

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  • Can laughter make us better at relationships?

    26 Jun 17:08 by admin

    As Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins will testify: we all love to laugh. But did you know that studies may have proven that laughing with your partner can strengthen your relationship and yo... (continued)

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