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You’re never too old for parental love

10 Feb 15:58 by admin
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Regular contact with your parents can be beneficial right into adulthood.

Professor Karen Fingerman from the University of Texas has recently published an article in the journal The Psychologist looking at relationships between young adults and their parents [1].

The article looks how our changing lifestyles have affected the way we relate to one another, examining the ways in which our culture, education, economic circumstances, modern communication tools, and expectations around getting married have all changed over the years.

Notably, these changes have led to more people living with their parents in adulthood. For example, the number of 20 to 34-year-olds living with their parents has increased by 25% since 1996 [2].

Professor Fingerman points out that, compared to their counterparts of 30 or 40 years ago, young adults these days tend to stay in education longer, find it harder to get jobs, and delay marriage for longer, if they even choose to marry at all.

All of this leads to increased contact between the generations as children become young adults. Seeking and accepting support from family members like this can be psychologically beneficial. When asked who their most important social relationships were with, most people said parents or adult children were almost as important as romantic partners [1].

Support usually moves in one direction – from parent to child – and can range from financial help in setting up a home to emotional advice around other relationships. Grown children who receive this kind of support tend to report feeling better adjusted and happier with their lives [3].

Professor Fingerman said “Bonds between young adults and parents appear to be thriving. Recent trends and declines in marriage suggest intergenerational ties will continue to intensify”.





[3] Fingerman, K.L., Cheng, Y.P., Wesselmann, E.D. et al. (2012). Helicopter parents and landing pad kids: Intense parental support of grown children. Journal of Marriage and Family, 74, 880–896.

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