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Which is the most promiscuous generation?

28 May 11:50 by admin
Tags: sex

Ever heard your parents or older relatives talk about how ‘in their day’ young adults were less promiscuous?

Well, that might not be entirely accurate. A recent comparison of data collected from people who were 18-25 between the years of 1988-1996 and the same age group in 2004-2012 has found that today’s young adults are no more promiscuous than those from the earlier generation.

‘Respondents from the current era did not report more sexual partners since age 18, more frequent sex or more partners during the past year than respondents from the earlier era,’ the study says.

The study was conducted by the University of Portland suing data from the General Social Survey.

In the UK, the latest Natsal study found that 31% of men and 29% of women aged 16- 24 now have first sex before the age of 16. In the previous survey carried out between 1999 and 2001, one in four men (27%) and one in five women (20%) reported having sex before the age of legal consent.

Natsal’s research also showed that people of all ages are having, on average, fewer sexual partners compared to the previous study. Also, attitudes towards one night stands remained pretty much unchanged. Read more about the latest National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.

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  • Sarg sargam Flag

    "Ever heard your parents or older relatives talk about how ‘in their day’ young adults were less promiscuous?"

    Well I have to say that promiscuity was always present even in the time of our parents.

    Recently at a wedding party of my cousin I met a man who said that he was my mom's "close" friend at school and that they would go skinny dipping every day after their school got over. I have also talked to my aunt (mom's sister) and she said that my mom was "very popular with boys as a teenage girl".

    I am not judging any one but I just want to say that promiscuity has always been there and will exist. as long as opposites attract.

    - Sargam

    Thu 25, May 2017 at 6:19am