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Two thirds of women say emotional affairs are worse

24 Mar 12:43 by admin
Tags: affairs
Categories: Affairs and Jealousy

When it comes to adultery, women are more upset by the thought of their partner forming an emotional bond with another woman, new research has found.

According to a survey of nearly 477 Americans by the Kansas State University, women find the thought of an emotional affair much more painful than a sexual affair.

Men, on the other hand, had the completely opposite view - only one in three believed an emotional bond would be more painful. Over half of the men surveyed said they had a bigger problem with their partner having sex with someone else behind their back.

Women were also more bothered by the thought of their spouse rekindling an old flame romantically compared to men.

Dr Gary Brase, lead author of the survey says: ‘Males reported that sexual infidelity scenarios were relatively more distressing than emotional infidelity scenarios, and the opposite was true of females.’

When discussing why men are much more concerned with sexual infidelity, Brase says:  ‘Men can never be absolutely certain that an infant carries their genes. This prospect should make men differentially sensitive to sexual infidelity on the part of their mate.

‘Women, on the other hand, confront a different potential problem of ensuring continued paternal investment by the sire of their child. This possibility should make women differentially sensitive to emotional infidelity of their mate.'

Has your relationship been rocked by an affair? Read our tips for building trust when your partner has had an affair and how to overcome jealousy for advice.

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  • User-anonymous Jay Flag

    That's a really tough situation to find yourself in. Why not post on the forum and see how others respond.

    Tue 24, Mar 2015 at 8:16am
  • User-anonymous Stacey Flag

    My husband was having an affair with a woman who lives only about 5 minutes away from us ,this was going on for 9 months last year,her children were taken off her in January by social services for child abuse and neglect,myself and my husband tried to help her at first not knowing why social services took her children ,helping her by cleaning and painting her flat ,hoping she would get her children back ,but then I was noticing every chance my husband got he wanting to take out dogs out on very lengthy walks some times hours ,.I started to question him about it and we would end up arguing ,I asked him to be honest about things because neighbours were saying to me why is your husband at that woman's flat he is the at least half dozen times a day ,then I discovered. While I was visiting family members with our 13 year old ,up north of England ,he was staying over night at her flat while our older children sleep and would return home just before they woke up for work..then on Christmas Day he decided he was going to leave so he packed his bags and left ,this devastated our family as we had our grandchild over. We found out later he had moved in with her ,but it didn't last because on the 8th January 20015.He came round to my home crying and begging me to take him back ,I told him I don't know because I don't trust him ,but he kept begging me he would do anything he knows it would take time to trust him .Like an idiot I let him move back everything going fine so I thought ,then he said to me I would like to be friends with this woman ,I said that can't happen I dislike her so much ,why would you want to be friends with her after everything she has done ,my husband got her pregnant and she thought it was funny to let my kids know and wait up the road for my 13 year old so she could pat her stomachs just to upset my daughter,Which she succeeded, Then the next day I was up the shop and I had seen her I walked up to her and told her to leave my daughter along ,this woman only went to the police and told them that I assaulted her May God strike me down she is a liar,Now social services are doing a 35 day assessment on us because my 13 year old has been in contact with this woman before I found out about the affair and I said to my husband this is your doing getting mixed up with her.Now I recently 16th March found out he has been meeting up with her after dropping my daughter off at school ,and now he has decided to walk out again ,not sure if he is back with her .I really don't no what to do I'm at the end of my tether

    Sat 21, Mar 2015 at 12:03am